Introduction to England 101

As a writer, it seems that piles of inverted notes, papers, file folders and edited manuscripts are gathered on my desk. During my recent efforts to sort this out, I found a picture of a group of forty strangers, really standing in the middle of the back row, a thatched-roofed house as a backdrop. I'm staring at it now, remember the group with a bittersweet nostalgia. They were all strangers to me, but after eleven days on a bus in England, I remember them with a loved one.

When I told my dad that I wanted to visit England, he said in his heavy tone in Yorkshire, "What does bloo-dee & dia dia want to go there?" Mr. Said is not at the best of times, he had a low opinion in his former country. What I wanted to say in the response was: "I would like to know if your psychological problems are societal in nature or based on individual peculiarities," but I hold my tongue. I was determined to visit the land of my ancestors one day.

Many reasons for his visit to England were included. The main reason was that, apart from being an English man with blood if not by citizenship, the country had a great cultural influence in modern times. The birthplace of many stars from Shakespeare to Churchill, the country produced an infinite list of prominent historical names in every area of ​​the quest. Just because nobody had a reason to spoil them all.

Like hugging an octopus, one has to choose how to deal with England. You can buy any number of affordable rail tickets that allow you to move forward at any time that suits you. There is a wide range of options, from walking tours in London to guided bike tours, or renting motorcycles and staying at a bed and breakfast. The problem is figuring out which one suits you best. In the end, I chose a coached tour with a guide in England, leaving Wales and Scotland, both of which are great but I will extend it for another 10 days.

A friend who toured the trainer recommended me. The reasons became clear after a moment. Driving English to the other side of the road, after a long period of usual easy work on the right turns here, suddenly become very dangerous there. You will appreciate the leadership skill of the coach once you see how narrow some roads are. To make things easier, your itinerary was planned. On the first day you will see Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral at the hotel in Plymouth, then depart in the morning to continue the tour via Devon, Cornwall, and so on.

Be careful, tours in the indexes change frequently, if not every year. The tour that you have decided to take a year ago is no longer offered. I settled for an eleven day tour of England. The coach will leave London and go clockwise across the country and stop in exotic villages and towns along the way. The speed was listed as a "busy" itinerary, a symbol to say that he was not completely leisurely. Sometimes, when you stop, we only have time to buy coffee, use the bathroom and then return to the bus. A slower pace means you'll be able to spend more time at each station, but also means that fewer locations fit within the same time frame. So if you stop at Bletchley Park on 'Busy' on a tour, it would be better for you to understand the subtraction encoding in twenty seconds or you can go back to the bus without full doping on the German Enigma device. This is the thing in designing your own tour; you can stay as long as you want if something interests you.

Think of the coach tour as an introduction to England 101. They give you an overview and decide what you prefer most for your next visit. Another good thing about England is that they speak some form of English there. Well, outside London they do. Within London, you will be hard pressed to find any English people other than the Queen. In fact, throughout England, except for the blows worn by medieval falcons and your tour guide, you may find it hard to find any native English people. Great PBS programs such as Downton Abby, Upstairs Downstairs and the like are transient images, reflecting a nostalgic and non-existent view of England-England as before. This, in a way, is what the tour coach offers.

As you can see, England exported its lower ranks, people like Schofields, who have not strangled the caste system yet, and they need to import a new group of servants and coal miners from the colonies. This is where all foreigners fit. The wait staff, concierge at the hotel, and the cleanliness of the room you meet from the outside, few of whom will have good language management. He should have been the first customs officer who was African and spoke in a heavy French accent. "How are you a rabbit? Are you visiting?" I thought the Blue D terrorists had been diverted to the Middle East while I was sleeping! I was taken to my hotel by a Russian who answered all my questions with an incomprehensible snore. The Egyptian concierge received him for us as colonists, and the Polish room cleaner did not understand that I wanted it outside the room, and the Serbian teacher pointed to the buffet and gave strong hand signals. ! "He said," Time Zix – eat! "Ah, Julie old England!

All hotels have buffet breakfasts. I've heard it said if you want to eat well in England, eat breakfast three times a day. The English kill their food with a hammer and then boil it for a day to remove any remaining taste. When you travel around the world, note that there are no English restaurants, there are plenty of Scottish restaurants (MacDonald's). Have a buffet, it's the best on offer and it's included in the price.

The tour was very reasonable at $ 2200 CAD and we put in fairly good hotels. He warned that a four-star English hotel is probably a three-star hotel in the United States or Canada. After my tour on the bus, I stayed two days at the dive which was less than a motel but rated three stars. Our prisons have the most beautiful accommodation. This one-bed room with ceiling paint and exotic red patterns falling on the walls costs $ 250 a night. There are better options I'm sure of, but it was in a convenient location for my planned trips to Oxford and the Imperial War Museum the other way the next day.

The visit was great after leaving London. We stopped at Salisbury Cathedral and saw a copy of Magna Carter. The lawyer in our group said he made the trip worthwhile. Lawyers must be Toastmasters by nature; every time he spoke to me I felt he was talking to a dormant jury, and heard his loud voice loud in three counties. We took a boat tour of Plymouth Harbor and saw the steps that the first settlers could have left for the New World in Mayflower.

We visited some exotic towns on the Corniche coast, notably Tintagel, home of King Arthur Stadium, and Clovelly, a quaint little fishing village on the side of the cliff, where donkeys still move supplies up and down cobbled roads. A retired South Carolina judge canceled his knees as he collapsed. We visited Stratford-on-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare, Bath, an ancient Roman village, and Chester, a quaint, narrow, Elizabeth town lined with Tudor houses, where our talented tour guide helped us understand the history of street toilets, which have almost contributed to the length of its discussion. At the old hotel in Stratford, the directions to my room were "up two stairs, turn left, one trip, mind your head, then to the right and then up the stairs." By this time, I had developed the Bill Bryson English dialect. "Cheers," or "Good Jolly, then," you respond.

After that, it will come as a surprise to Liverpool, a surprise because it was not the city I thought it would be. I lived there as a baby and heard many anecdotes about her horrible living conditions. It was also the second most important port of its day. Beatle enthusiasts will get Cavern Club, Penny Lane and related homes. This thrilled young lady from Texas whose mother bought the trip on her 19th birthday. She knew more about the tour guide about Fab Four. Liverpool, now completely modern, is home to Titanic's White Star Line head offices. I bought coffee from Liverpuddlian but his English was worse than the Russians in Devon, so I gave up my attempts to order milk and sugar, taking what was delivered to me. Be careful, the average coffee price is £ 3.75. Think of it as a visit to another planet and you won't be feeling well, and don't try to understand everything. "The meat of Shoha Ufa da, Mayette. Ta." Say that, you give him money. He smiles everywhere. So drink coffee.

From there, we went to the lakes and toured by boat on Lake Windermere, ten miles long, the largest lake in England. Home to many English authors and poets, it made me laugh because we have thousands of lakes, all bigger. They pushed us to beat the brood poets though.

After that, it's up to York, the city's gem. We had dinner in a private palace, where we served two wealthy people with generosity for all of us. On this evening, two women from Singapore inquired, "How long should you stay married to a Canadian before you can get half the property?" One year, the response was, where they both smiled extensively.

The last stop on our tour was Cambridge and King's College. I found a shop selling an old military surplus, including the Grenadine Gardes jackets and bear skins. Street vendors were selling belts over the River Kam, the famous flat-bottomed boats where a pole was used to propel the vehicle. Oh, yes, a lot of girls on bikes in flimsy dresses! Sorry, I couldn't stay for a doctorate or doctorate.

I am a big fan of Inspector Lewis and I added a trip to Oxford after the coach's tour ended. I wanted to see a small college town where three people are killed every week, many of them, from the right academics. I also wanted to be able to tell people "I went to Oxford," and was pleased with their reactions because they draw the wrong conclusions. I sat on a bench next to the Times, chatting with an older couple who knew Colin Dexter, the creator of the original Morse Inspector.

On my last day in England, I visited the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth, an easy underground journey to the south side of the Thames. World War II has been a constant concern since the age of 15. The museum turned out to be smaller and busier than I imagined. One day is enough to cover the exhibits, but I doubt that I have spent a lifetime in the library upstairs.

I had an uncle who died in that war as a pilot and wanted to find out if he was one of the few 'mentioned by Churchill in his famous speech. The librarian said that the military archives are now in Kew, but since my trip was the next morning, it would be another.

If you are looking for a fun and safe trip, I highly recommend England Coach. If you're an angeloville – well, what are you waiting for! And no, not everyone in England is as miserable as Mr. Said Aziz.

Les Ladakh and Kashmir Tourism

Ladakh and Kashmir are very popular areas in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). It attracts tourists and holidaymakers from all over the world with its unique charm and charm. This article is about providing you with information about what you will see in Ladakh and Kashmir once you arrive there. Take a look at the tourist attractions in Ladakh and Kashmir.

Ladakh is one of the most sought after in J & K in terms of tourism and holidays. The area is full of tourists delights with stunning beauty, Buddhist monasteries, rich culture and traditions, adventure sports, trekking trails, historical monuments and places, etc. The area is wonderfully described as unparalleled land. Les are the capital of the region. The main attractions of Ladakh tourism is many Buddhist temples and monasteries. Notable monasteries are Himes Gumba, Namgyal Tsimo Gumba, Sankar Gumba, Spok Monastery, Cave Monastery, Texi Monastery, Shi Gumba, Stoke's Palace, Vogtal Gumba, Alche Gumba, Les Palas, Viang Monastery, Lecker Monastery, Lecker Monastery Large. The Ladakh area is also popular among hikers and adventure enthusiasts, with plenty of excursion and adventure activities available to enjoy.

Kashmir is the most beautiful area in the state of J&K, and enjoys exceptional natural beauty and a cool and pleasant climate. I uniquely blessed this area. It seems that God has created this place in his spare time very carefully and with interest. Because of the magnificent beauty of nature and pleasant climate, it is often referred to as Paradise on Earth. It is also known as Switzerland Asia. Kashmir is popular among families, nature lovers, adventure lovers, hikers, pilgrims and honeymooners.

Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonamarg, etc. are prominent and beautiful tourist places in the areas. Srinagar is the summer capital of J & K. It has a lot to offer its visitors. It attracts tourists with its natural shimmering beauty and attractive climate. Dal Lake (known as Luxury Boats), Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, Shashma Shahi Gardens, Shankaracharya Temple, Hazratpal Mausoleum, Jama Mosque, Gurudwaras, etc. are the main attractions of Srinagar Tour. Gulmarg, a beautiful hill station and ski resort, is only 50 km from Srinagar. The stunning beauty of white snow-coated Gulmarg does not fail to impress visitors from around the world.

Pahalgam (Shepherd's Village) in Kashmir offers stunning views. One can just relax in a picturesque place to see the magnificent beauty of nature or a trip to some of the many beautiful mountains. In winter, skiing is a popular attraction in Pahalgam. Pahalgam is also the entry point to the famous Amarnath Cave of Hindus. Amarnath Yatra is very popular among Hindus. Horseback riding in Pahalgam Valley provides you with a truly wonderful experience of tourism in Kashmir. Sonamarg (Meadow of Gold) is another attraction in the picturesque Kashmir Valley. It offers a very picturesque setting with a backdrop, snowy mountain peaks, opposite the clear blue sky. It's really a suitable destination in the summer just for relaxing and relaxing and the cold climate.

Thus tourism in Kashmir and Les Ladakh can impress tourists with their picturesque atmosphere and attractive attractions. The accommodation facilities available in Kashmir are excellent with a number of good hotels for budget and even travelers. Well, if you also want to cherish the charm and charm of tourism in Leh Ladakh and Kashmir, you're welcome here. You will never forget the magic you will get after exploring Ladakh (the land like no other) and Kashmir (paradise on earth).

Visit Sillery Gaon for a memorable holiday

If you go to Darjeeling, don't forget to visit Sillery Gaon, a small village surrounded by beautiful pine trees from all sides. Locals love to call it the new Darjeeling. This pristine green sleeper village is located at an altitude of about 6000 feet, offering travelers many beauty options to enjoy their hearts. Sillary Gayon Hotel is set amidst grain and forest plantations and offers great views of Kanchendzonga (the third highest peak in the world). Anyone looking at Kanchendzonga from 'The Sillery Sojourn' becomes speechless thanks to his stunning views and stunning scenery.

If you are a beauty student, take the opportunity to visit The Sillery Sojourn, the highest place in the village of Sillery Gaon. The spectacle of the sparkling silver peak from here is mind-boggling. Besides, the serenity everywhere is good enough to captivate you longer. The village is likely to derive its name from a plant of the same name – Sillery. If we divide the words "Sillery Gaon" into two different parts – "Sillery" and "Gaon", we get the clear meaning of the place. Sillery means a kind of plant and Gaon means a village. So, they mean jointly – the plans of the village of Sillery. The tree grows here abundantly. Apart from this tree, the place abounds in the Synchona Plantation. It was introduced to the world by the British as a malaria drug.

One can choose this place as an ideal holiday destination. He can spend a few days toasty amidst green plants and forests. Spend your free time by watching the clouds and hearing bat sounds. Tweeting migratory birds will surely please you. Large butterflies fly around you, giving you a great feeling. Entertainment spending here is also an adventure. A strange feeling draws your attention once you get there. Wandering through the jungle is truly a memorable experience. If you are an adventure student, you will enjoy more. Enjoy plants and animals. Visit the exotic village to get a glimpse of the villagers' lifestyle. If you are a lucky man, you can enjoy the hospitality of the villagers. Indulge in pleasant strolls to some points known as Ramitey View Point, Tinchuley View Point and The Damsang Fort.

Staying here for a few days is not a problem. You will have many hotels and hostels that offer travelers a comfortable stay with modern amenities. Traveling and staying here becomes cost-effective – when you carry a bouquet of Sillary Gayon tours (offered by a reputable travel agency).

5 Things You Should Know About Dayak – Searchers for Borneo, Malaysia

Malaysia is a strange country – a mix of modern and colonial buildings that weave themselves into high-tech industries and ancient cultures. As a result, it is not surprising that Malaysia is listed in one of the top 10 provinces on earth.

One of the most wonderful things about Malaysia is the people themselves. Here, we'll look at 5 things you should know about Dayak – a tribe living in Borneo with a reputation for being a fear-seeking.

1. Deak was looking for Borneo

Dayaks was best known for the practice of searching for competencies, and had a frightening reputation as a powerful and successful warring tribe in ancient times. When sharing their homes by living in tall houses built on basic pillars, head prizes were retained in the tall house as a sign of courage in battle and brought the status of a conqueror.

The culture of the search for struggle no longer occurs at present, but the tribe is still known to be a fierce territorial. In 2001, the crowded Deyak with spears, machetes and blowing pipes roamed a market town in an Indonesian province in Borneo to expel Indonesian migrants who claimed to have seized their jobs and land.

In less than a week of violence, 200 migrants were killed. They either penetrated with traditional Borneo swords or shot them with poisoned arrows of guns.

2. Rich culture

The celebration of musician Dyak (now the majority Christian) celebrates both Christian and traditional celebrations, especially during marriages or festivals.

Important festivals include the Rice Harvest Festival in Guay Diak, the Bird Festival in Guay Borong and the Guay Anto Spirit Festival.

During the festival, Dayak meets together to drink rice wine called tuak and conduct a unique war dance called ngajat (depicting a man going to war or a bird flying as respect for the master of the war of Iban).

Visitors to long cafes (or rumah panjang) are usually invited to watch dances and participate in a tac drinking party with a longhouse head host as their host.

3. Singer and actress Jessica Alba was Dayak

Jessica played your role in the 2003 film Sleeping Director by Guy Jenkin. Jessica was filmed in Sarawak and appointed during British colonial rule in the 1930s, playing the role of a woman who sleeps with a naive English man, John Trusquot (played by Hugh Dancy) who went to Borneo to try to apply his father's work to the Iban Society .

The love story was based on the concept of ngayap, which was Iban's method of engagement in the early 1920's, 30's and 30's. Jenkins combined the story with the story of the young British who were posted at the front of the jungle and "thrown in the end" when they had to learn the language. Local in fast time.

The film never went to great lengths, but it won numerous DVDx awards, including the best actress of Jessica Alba.

4. Flirt with girls at night (ngayap)

The ngayap courtship activity is a test of young people's courage and maturity as they have to travel at night through forests or cross rivers or marshes to reach girls. longhouse. The night flirting period should not last more than 3 nights, and at the end of the flirting period, the boy will be asked if he is serious about marrying the girl.

The night engagement is arranged in advance with the girl and should not include more than a series of conversations to inform the parties of each other.

In the days of the search for competencies, this type of night travel can be risky because it may fall on a group of deceptive enemies. But Dayak is known as a warrior tribe, night engagement is accepted as evidence of the courage of the Seeker.

5. Update the Diak

Today, the roosters are now quieter and more generous than those of the colonial era. Some tall houses are now equipped with air conditioners, refrigerators and internet.

Gone are the days when the search for struggle has become a long standard, and while it is a tradition, daily tattoos have increasingly become a symbol of heritage and culture. The increasingly civilized Dayak was transformed into a stressful past and the old crafts of boat building, weaving, dancing and tattooing were dying quickly.

Gold exploration on holiday

We decided to take a road trip instead of flying somewhere because security at airports is now such a hassle.My wife hates boats until cruises go, so the car was the way we chose. We have a large luxury car with a fuel mileage of more than 23 miles per gallon and are really comfortable in long drives. We have some relatives in Louisiana and we decided to go there from New York State and stop as many stops along the way. There are no timetables, schedules, or flight schedules, just drive until we get tired, then choose a place to see the sights.

We left the house early Tuesday morning in late June and headed west through Pennsylvania on Route 84. This should be the most boring road to drive on Earth. Miles and miles of rugged concrete with nothing to see but trees. I love trees, but after six hours or something like looking at them, they can become very boring. Moving south on Route 81, the landscape began to change for the better. Different tree types, mountain landscapes and less traffic make the drive much better. Before departing on our trip, we explored the locations of each gold mine we could find in the southern and southeastern states. There's a lot more than you think. North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee have many places to visit. Many places have gem mining sites where you can dig your dirt or push it to do it for you. You can then take a seat in a water-blocking way to move the gems from dirt.

Panning looks very simple but in fact you should practice it over and over to find out how to do it properly. Pans made of metal and plastic come with some hills or "guns" more than others but any type suits your taste and budget well. The forts collect a small amount of dirt in the pan and then wash away some clean water in the pan as well. Using both hands, you can move the pan in a circular motion to get water and dirt to mix and shrink it inside the pan. You can then pick up any large rocks that are not gold or other collectible stones (garnet, emerald, etc.) and then continue moving the material in the pan. As you work, larger items will separate from each other and can be removed from the pan with more clean water.

Always do not get rid of the oak sands, which are the best indicator of gold. Little by little you will remove everything from the pan except the bigger gold pieces (as you hope) called clinker, collectors etc. and the black sand containing the smaller gold pieces. With great caution, you can rotate the black sand with some water and the gold flakes or Venus gold will separate from the sand as they are heavier and drop down into the pan. The sand will end on the side of the pan and gold on the other. Using a sniffer bottle with a small end tip, you can carefully absorb the gold flower in the bottle. Then again very carefully pour the contents of the sniffer bottle into a gold collection vial or collection. Gold will settle down with any sand you accidentally absorbed. Once you have a large mix of gold / sand, you can then re-move it if there is excess sand or take it to the gem world or the testing office to be processed and weighed. If you have a postal scale, look for something that weighs only one ounce. See how small and lightweight it is? One ounce of gold is currently worth about $ 1,400. Admittedly it takes a lot of work to collect an ounce of pink gold but can lift one or two "collectors" weight very quickly.

You may find during the preparation, opal, opal, emerald, tourmaline as well as many other precious and semi-precious stones. Our one set of emerald weighs more than a pound. I found her at the Emerald Hollow mine in Hidenet, North Carolina. One day he will go into the world of gems to clean and cut some stones for us. Many of the other stones we found were made in bracelets or necklaces and are now souvenirs. Smokey Quartz, Yellow Citrine, Aquamarines, and wheezing can be found at most mine sites in that area.

The best in mining for me was for gold itself. Yes real yellow gold. Nuggets, chips and flower gold are all a thrill to find them in your pan. A gold mining pan costs about $ 15, and all you need is a small bottle and a sandwich bottle to pick up the pink gold and store all the gold you find. The first piece you find is a real kick and you want to find more, more and more. You'll quickly see why so many people are linked to gold prospecting. One of the best places we visited was the city of Delonga, Georgia. A large museum in the city center has been listed as a gold mining area, and contains a gold-sized football piece. In fact, Delonga, Georgia, was the golden peak area in the United States before the gold rush occurred in California in 1848. They claim that there are still millions of dollars remaining in Delonga to be found and managed to find myself before I leave. If you're lucky enough to go there, there are plenty of places you can go or sit naive and move what they are digging for you. We spent some fun hours gathering our loot and even if it did not later turn it into jewelry, just looking at the stones would bring back good memories. Make sure you have a camera with you. There is a great shop across the square in the corner of the museum and I can't remember a lifetime for me by name but they have a large collection of souvenirs and other great antiques. I bought some Octagon branded soap bars that I haven't seen in fifty years. Plan to spend at least a full day in and around Delonga.

Make sure you bring some old clothes that don't mind getting dirty clothes and definitely some comfortable shoes. We found the local hotels more than comfortable and reasonably priced. Every day, we will search the Internet to find the nearest mine site and then go there. We've seen some of the most amazing and amazing landscapes, small towns and mountain scenery you can imagine. Each mine site displayed something a bit different. Some of the spot operations that we were not quite sure of were "salting" of the soil, others with fortified roads, old wooden benches and an old timer ready to tell his adventures in gold prospecting. We got some gold in almost every one, and the fees were pretty much the same at $ 10 for five full gallons of dirt. It takes some time to reduce this amount of dirt, so don't be surprised and buy the 55 gallon drum immediately.

It will take eight hours to move this amount of soil. If you can keep your hands frozen in a cold mountain stream for a long time. On a three-week trip we visited more than twenty gold mining sites. As I said, some are good, some are bad, but all were adventurous. Take the two small bottles out of the jewelry box once in a while to look at the raw gold. We also did the Nashville Honky scene in Nashville, the Luray Caves in Luray, Virginia, and the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. The gardens and land in Biltmore are spectacular and well worth the trip. The lack of a specific schedule every day make the trip very enjoyable. We stayed in Nashville an extra day to see the scenery and then to Memphis to see Elvis and then to Tunica, Mississippi to experience our luck at their casinos. (My wife won all our gas money.) This summer we plan a trip to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to the Crater of Diamonds State Park for diamond exploration. We have no idea where we're going, but you can be sure that we'll see more of the great things America has to offer and our small incentive package as we travel.

Beth Akerson

Does your doctor do home calling outside the country?

Doctors accompany their clients to holiday homes and luxury recreation centers. Standards and accreditation are an international effort.

Wealthy and famous people have been making separate trips outside the country for years to participate in surgeries through rehabilitation, rehabilitation and other medical endeavors. Now, the average American can enjoy an international medical sanctuary, with the whole family for less than $ 40,000 of the price of one knee surgery in America.

The United States was ranked 37th by the World Health Organization in the field of health care and a million people traveled outside the United States for related medical services in 2008. The medical decline in the tropical luxe resort seems to be better and better for more people.

Need operation – do travel
Medical tourism, formulated as such recently, has been around since the Romans traveled to heal themselves in mystical places. In modern terms, the best services to travel to are;
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
o Cosmetic and general dentistry
O Bariatric medicine
Addiction treatments
General surgical procedures
O Health and wellness

If you are already one of a million travelers, or are considering adding these numbers, you want to know what all this means.

Doctors around the world are joining their clients on airplanes, in foreign hospital rooms and at the 5-star spa resorts that resemble luxury hotels. Their alliance with international nations, allows them profitability and exotic surroundings. Some may be drawn to loosening laws for more experimental procedures such as stem cell research innovations that have not yet been approved in the United States

Today providers such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and Harvard (to name a few) boasts overseas facilities. According to BusinessWeek, Blue Cross & Blue Shield in South Carolina also signed strategic alliances with seven outpatient hospitals in 2008.

Your doctor may already have booked appointments in Guatemala, Thailand, Costa Rica or the Philippines. just ask. Thailand for example, reported 1.5 million people for medical tourism in 2007. Doctors from all over the world are registered to practice there. The term is universal as well as responsibility.

Medical Marketing

My recent trip to Costa Rica on medical tourism included meetings with doctors, spas and government officials and encouraged a call to action for accreditation in medical resorts and related health centers. Costa Rica hosted its first medical tourism conference last year and is rapidly adapting to become an industry leader.

The “accompanying programs” of exhilarating advertisements, incentives and medical tourism are of great interest to foreign medical institutions and their counterparts in the spa and leisure industry. Medical tourism can bring, economic growth, prestige, international alliances, goodwill. It also brings with it the big question about medical standards and the adoption of medical spa. How will the migration of foreign patients be taken care of? This growth raises some stark contrasts with rising costs to attract medical tourists with sparkling centers, and improvements at airports compared to low public health care for its people. For this article, let's stick to the first question. Standards.

Confident, patient and loyalty

The national advocacy for action supported by the government interested in accreditation was a great foundation and was the subject of my meeting with Massimo Manzi, Chief of Staff of the Costa Rican Ministry of Competitiveness. By working closely with the International Tourism Board, we discussed growth prospects in medical tourism and the need for accreditation standards in health / medical spas.

International standards are required to effectively mix the cross with increasing medical tourism and their healing centers. The spa has become the softer side of medical tourism, and much of its growth. The need, particularly in Costa Rica, is to create a strong local incentive, partnerships and association. Such as the Costa Rica Spa and Wellness Association, expected to be launched this year. After all, the goal here is to compete and ensure the trust of potential customers.

With most countries using their own methodology to ensure standards, where is standardization, and to what extent does accreditation go on a global level?

According to the Medical Tourism Association, their “quality of care” program works to achieve this and the global standards for medical tourism. "This project should help the growth of medical tourism and help patients feel more comfortable and confident when traveling abroad for surgery … Our mission is to provide" transparency "regarding the quality of care data in the world of medical tourism / global healthcare." Worldwide, major hospitals offering these surgeries are already accredited by JCI, JCI, including CIMA and Clinica Biblica in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose. JCI ensures that hospitals reach a standard or non-operational level. When it comes to resort accreditation, we are committed to providing our expertise in spa quality and leading the national call to action in Costa Rica. Spa standards, especially medically relevant, need to be discontinued or discontinued at a high level.

Feedback from professionals

We talked with the founder of the Spa Day, Hannelore Leavy, about this and her interest in working with different countries following the DSA, Day Spa Association or IMSA, International Medical Spa Association guidelines. According to Hannelore, "these guidelines are the basis of our accreditation programs, which can be modified in accordance with the local laws of each country governing regulators." The DSA mission statement includes "… continuous upgrading of professionalism and high quality services …" and IMSA mission statement "… continuous upgrading of a practical but strict code of ethics based on the highest standards of care and peer review organization."

Continuous rise is a good way to promote growth in the industry, the main characteristic we will work on in this case.

Statistics from the Costa Rica Tourism Authority show that about 250 plastic and cosmetic surgery surgeries are performed every month in Costa Rica hospitals. Ninety percent of these are made on foreigners. This is not a surprise when you see the cost difference.

Abdominoplasty: 10,000 USD 4,500 USD
Face Lift: US $ 12,000 US $ 4,700

With several major hospitals and over 500 spa facilities in Costa Rica, you have a choice of where to go. We hope one is accredited by JCI and an international association specializing in spa standards. In this case, you can pursue accreditation from the Costa Rica Spa and Wellness Association or DSA / IMSA as global partners.

No matter whether customers are driven by compulsory medical problems or compulsory desires, health tourism enjoys prosperity. This means more need for strict standards, and intense competition. Competition pushes strategy. Strategy and creativity. Creativity, the possibility of cutting corners. Especially when underdeveloped countries rely heavily on the numbers of tourism and medical tourism for economic growth.

There are many associations that are dedicated to being the voice of the industry, including the IMSA, the Medical Tourism Association, and the International Chamber of Commerce for Health Tourism which are all taking great strides in standards and standardization.

Joined the noise

This is an industry with many layers of onions, with more to be discovered. Let's not let "medical imperialism" with intolerance towards foreign doctors, or "race" prestigious US medical facilities to create foreign satellites, or even fear of competition, go beyond the real issues of patient care and an international effort in ensuring medical tourism / spa / spa standards.

I may be perfect, and I hope a few of us will remain, but I think we can continue to force foreign officials into their desire to rely and create a balance for all concerned. I will continue to promote the growth of standards and creativity without cutting corners.

You can join the cause and join the noise by contacting Costa Rican officials about spa / medical spa standards, ensuring our national call to action, and launching a local spa association. Send comments to government officials to reinforce your concerns and the need for an assessment system with the association and standards's requests;

o President of Information and Communication Technology (Costa Rica Tourism Board) – Carlos Ricardo Benivides
Central Office: 011 506 2299 5800
o Minister of Tourism Planning – Antonio Farah
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In the meantime, you can enjoy your medical trips, and don't forget to enjoy some cultural aspects of the beautiful countries that host foreign medical tourists. Spread the word. Make a difference.

Safari Rift Valley Kenya Safari Rift Valley Safari

Nakuru, Barengo, Bogoria and the Kerio Valley in the Central Rift are full of rich natural and cultural areas to excite any holiday. Nakuru is the cheapest city among Kenya's six leading urban centers in terms of food and housing. The most prominent feature is Lake Nakuru National Lake, 5 km from the city center to the south. Waterbirds, especially flamingos, gather along thousands of beaches. Nakuru was described as the world's most fascinating ornithological site in the early 1960s, and must remain adhering to this prestigious title despite some conservation challenges that have seen a decline in the number of flamingos. The park also has a collection of large mammals, including large herds of buffaloes, impala, zebra, rare white rhinoceros and Barengo giraffe, which can be easily seen while driving the game. There are also lions and tigers in the garden, but you need a lot of patience to see them.

There are 2 inns within the garden – Nakuru Lodge Lake and Sarova & Lion & # 39; s Lodge Hill Lodge. Advance reservation of university theses is recommended, especially during the holiday season, not to mention that they are a bit expensive. There are also public and private camps. For private camps, advance booking is necessary. Other interests in Nakuru include the Meneganai crater, which can be reached by the Maram Path, 5 km north of the city. Minengai is the second largest crater in the world, providing an ancient point overlooking the city of Nakuru and the lake as well as the highlands of Ikebia and the agricultural settlements of Sobokia and Dandori. The crater is the perfect place for picnic, photography, outdoor meals and drinks.

Hyrax's prehistoric location is near the town and Lord Egerton Castle in Ngata, run by the National Museums and Egerton University. Accommodation outside Nakuru Park is plentiful and varied to suit everyone's desire and budget. There are hotels, guesthouses and private camps with a unique atmosphere and individual features to suit different tastes and interests.

Travelers with more time to visit Baringo will find an experience worth visiting. It is about 100 km from Nakuru and traffic is very small although goats and pits on the road are becoming increasingly unexpected, especially after the equator. Highlights include the entrance to Lake Bogoria to the right and the Cabarnet junction on the left, a few kilometers away. Head towards Marigat and after passing through the town, look for a diversion through which you can enter the Kampi Ya Samaki Shopping Center, the commercial base of Lake Baringo. It's fairly hot and humid, but it's a beautiful place. There is something for everyone here again, from bird watching, water sports and cultural and historical sites. More than 450 bird species have been seen around Lake Barengo, which is also famous for reptiles such as crocodiles, turtles and snakes.

A story is told of how the Masai and Samburu who lost their livestock in raids at the end of the 18th century reached this once fertile land. The Maasai identified the population I I Chamus for their alien ability to anticipate raids. Towards the end of the 19th century, they stole and began hunting. Then the Europeans gave them the name 'Njemsi' and today Njemps still retain livestock, fish and crop cultivation. The Njemps area is a major attraction, and the visit to them has become even more luxurious when the boat rides through the lake. Many hippos and crocodiles in this lake and therefore swimming is not recommended. Joseph Thompson was the first European to see Lake Barengo in 1883. He had to stand at a table to shoot the elephant because the grass was too long! Permanent streams of surrounding hills feed the lake and the area was rich in wildlife. Today, rivers have dried up, and the population is growing through agricultural activities and settlements. The place retains an aura of wildness, though.

In the 1950s, David Roberts, a crocodile hunter for Dragon Tanning Company, set up his home on the lake shore with his wife Betty and started a fish factory before building the Fish Fish Camp for tourists. In 1963, the lake rose 20 feet, flooded her home and destroyed the fish factory. In 1966, my widow Betty stayed with six children but sold the Fish Eagle camp to Mike Skinner who built the family inn which is now part of Block Hotels's Barringo Club. My home still lives above the defunct fish factory next to the famous Roberts. camp. Lake Barinog Club is still one of the leading tourist hotels in the region that offers full-board, self-catering accommodation in attractive cottages, comfortable corridors or a camping tent. Thirsty Goat Restaurant has a fully equipped bar and delicious dishes at affordable prices.

It is convenient to walk along the lake shore and bird watching. Hippos graze on meadows at night, while crocodiles can also be spotted along the shore of the lake. Guests can swim in the Baringo Club swimming pool for a small fee. The Soy Safari Lodge within Kampi ya Samaki is a safe alternative to a slightly lower budget. Sits beautifully by the lake. One can get the lake ad view of its island in the distant. The lodge has a swimming pool and offers boat rides on the lake and the Njemps Islands for a fee.

For those who have time and heavy pockets, Island Camp is worth the price. Advance booking is always recommended, as it is a popular location and transportation from the lake shore should be arranged. The visitor leaves the car on the mainland and board a hotel boat. The Island Camp is a luxurious and unique place, and has won numerous national awards. From Baringo, one can visit the enemy Lake Bogoria, which is equally popular. It is 15 km from the main road and about 20 km from Baringo. Lake Bogoria is famous for its rich bird life. It is the second flamingo house in Kenya, sometimes registering up to a million birds. This is along with many other water birds.

Another geographical feature to marvel at here is the hot springs. Hot springs continued to attract visitors for generations. The Tugen legends surrounding the feature make the visit worth a visit. It is fun to see how quickly hot water flows from the ground to boiling eggs. There are campsites where families on picnics can spend the day lying down in this well-protected national park. If you're lucky, you might see the rare antelope known as the Kudu Grand.

Lake Bogoria Lodge, a 3-star hotel located in a beautiful location just outside the park, offers accommodation. The hotel is a haven for bidders and one can swim in the natural hot water from the underground springs. At the gate of the garden, Papyrus Hotel is a budget hotel that is a little low budget suitable for visitors who are keen to have a drink or Nyama Choma. Baringo has one of the most successful irrigation projects supported by Pekera River, one of the rivers that feed Baringo Lake. The Pekera irrigation system produces watermelons, onions and tomatoes. Stop at Marigat, a town located between the lakes of Baringo and Bogoria, to buy these fruits and vegetables. However, Baringo's visit is incomplete without a circuit via the Kabarnet-Sacho ring. You branch after Marigat from Baringo on the right. While you're at it, you'll find the tastiest goat meat known as Korema, after the village of Marigat and Cabarnet where goats come from local wisdom that the area has its own medicinal plants that make up the diet of the local goat. Koriema meat is available at the Koriema shopping center along the way or in the town of Kabarnet.

Hotel Kabarnet is located on the slopes of Tugun Hills and overlooks the very picturesque Kerio Valley in the west and the Barengo and Bogoria lakes to the east. Just 2 km from the city to the north, Kabarner Hotel is a nice stop with beautiful lawns ideal for relaxation and a curse or a drink. To see the Kerio Valley properly, you drive a few kilometers west towards Eten. There are comfortable views from where you can take pictures. If time permits, driving to the Kerio River at the bottom of the valley may enrich the experience. After Kabarnet, follow the Sacho Road along Tugen Hills towards Eldama Ravine. This is one of the most spectacular ways I've ever made. It is very panoramic and exquisitely made of beautiful natural plants. In Kiptangich, there is another view and camp where the group can stop to take pictures or eat. Not far from here is Sacho, home of retired President Daniel Moi. The road leads to Eldama Ravine, which takes you back to Nakuru – Baringo Highway near Kabarak.

The best four courses for a weekend trip at Golf Guy

Ideally, when men make trips with their friends, they want to abandon the need for a bail bond in Las Vegas or any other attraction that might cause them a problem. The demand for bail bonds in Las Vegas means that the men involved were involved in less desirable activity and the net only. Instead of taking vacations like this, the alternative that many men enjoy is vacations filled with lots and lots of golf. Some cities have created many golf courses located near each other, making it easier for tourists to enjoy. Four of the cities that have established such golf destinations are Myrtle Beach, Scottsdale, Palm Springs and Naples.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was once famous for its boardwalk, beach shops and family beaches. Today, many men choose to take week long golf trips to visit some of the best courses in the country. The courses are upscale and well maintained with average prices for the tour. Some of these courses include Barefoot Resort, Ocean Ridge Plantation, Heritage Club and Tidewater Golf Club & Plantation. Each of these courses does a great job of embracing elements, including water, sand, grass and trees belonging to the area. The courses are very challenging while each one is unique and different from each other.

Scottsdale, Arizona is the perfect place for players to take golf trips at any time of the year. The weather offers unlimited opportunities to practice the sport in an ideal climate where most days are sunny and warm. There are direct flights from most major cities and an airport shuttle service directly to the accommodation located in the main places for easy access to multiple golf courses. There are many companies whose sole task is to coordinate golf weekends for each player on a level. They book men in apartments or hotels, confirm all their time, and even book restaurants based on the type of food required. The best golf course options include We-Ko-Pa, Golf Club at Eagle Mountain, SunRidge Canyon Golf Club and Troon North Golf Club. Both of these clubs are expensive but very convenient for a weekend trip in the common man golf.

The third city that has limitless options for an amazing weekend getaway is Palm Springs, California. Many national golf tournaments are played on public courses in this area. This is due to the climate that provides the ideal environment for the care, maintenance and growth of courses that ideal image greens all year round. The average golfer will be able to get the same experience as professionals during major PGA tournaments. The accommodation surrounding the courses is 4 or 5 stars with excellent service and sophisticated amenities that create memories of a lifetime vacation. Four of the best courses in the industry are Gary Player Signature in Mission Hills, Firecliff at Desert Willow Golf Resort, Classic Club and Greg Norman at PGA West.

Although Naples, Florida may not be one of the cities that are famous for its golf, it can not be missed to choose a player. Weekend golf trip. There are direct flights to Naples with an international golf course just minutes from the airport. This access is priceless, plus the perfect weather in Florida boasts this city. Some of the best courses here are Calusa Pines Golf Club, Hammock Bay, The Golf Club at Fiddler & Creek, and The Links of Naples.

Tourist guide for North Banks in North Carolina

1 Introduction

The thin strip of interconnected barrier islands, which stretch about 130 miles along the North Carolina coast, appears to be the outermost part of the Atlantic Ocean than the continent, where it is attached to bridges, bridges and ferries. The islands in the sand, receding dunes and flowing with sometimes evil winds like rolling boats, act as a threshold for North America – or its end – depending on the direction of travel.

The trip here, determined by the land or lack thereof, can involve sailing, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, paragliding, paragliding, kite surfing, dune climbing, dolphin watching and sand skiing. More than anything else, it was first the first English colonists who left their footprints on the sand, the first pilots left paths in the sand during their air raids, the sea, the sand dunes and the winds that made both possible.

2. From the mountains to the beaches

Although these flat islands and swamps of offshore banks cannot be more opposed to the towering Appalachian Mountains rising in the West, it is these peaks that have emerged, becoming their third delivery.

Rivers, clusters of rainwater, flowing east of them, fall sharply from the edge of the second or lower topographical feature, Piedmont. Currents off the shore, then work on and form, such as clay, sediment, which carried itself of this mountain origin 25,000 years ago, after it created the barrier islands and its floating beaches of water.

Because the currents are nothing but constant, their never-resting forces continue to reshape and relocate these island masterpieces, as they are subject to the constantly remembered hands of the wind and water. This dynamic phenomenon is the key to its protective nature because it protects the mainland's most enduring, and like shock absorbers, it often puts the brunt of hurricanes and other severe weather systems.

These sounds, created and defined by the forces of nature, constitute the second largest kitchen system in the United States after the Chesapeake Bay, covering nearly 3,000 square miles and draining 30,000 square miles of water.

According to the National Park Service, "the shattered islands bend in the Atlantic Ocean and return to the embrace of the mainland coast of the North Carolina Islands and the islands."

3. Access and guidance

The Outer Banks consist of northern beaches, with cities such as Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head; Roanoke Island and Cape Hatteras National Beach, which itself consists of the islands of Budi, Hatteras and Ocrachok.

Scheduled airlines are provided to Norfolk and Raleigh Durham International Airports, respectively, in Virginia and North Carolina, while chartered battles operate to Dare County Regional Airport on Roanoke Island. Private Jets First Flight Airstrip serves at Kill Devil Hills and Billy Mitchell Airport on Hatteras Island.

By road, The Banks Banks are served by US 158, Wright Memorial Bridge from the north and US 64 via the 5.2-mile Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge, Roanoke Island, Nags Head-Manteo Bridge and Washington Baum Bridge to the west. Starting from the north, the road leads to the 158-lane American Artery 158 and runs through the 16.5-mile island, reaching shops, outlets, restaurants and attractions. The narrower two-track NC 12 services – also known as the "Beach Road" – serve communities, hotels and restaurants, often overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The roads themselves cut their way to Hatteras Island, and after a complementary ferry trip, Ocracoke Island.

4. Kitty hook

Despite the consensus and flight history book to the contrary, Kitty Hawk was not the site of the world's first successful flight, although Wright Brothers remained in the village. Instead, this historic event took place four miles south of it, in Kill Devil Hills. However, there is still an air-related attraction next to the Aycock Brown Welcome Center, which itself offers brochures and information on trip planning around area attractions, restaurants, entertainment, shops and hotels.

A monument to a century of flight, created by Icarus International and consecrated on November 8, 2003 on the centennial of the powered aircraft to celebrate the history, beauty and mysteries of the flight and the rise of the human spirit. Located in front of the open sky of Kitty Hawk to create a thoughtful environment, the monument consists of 14 stainless steel pillars in the form of wings that rise from 10 to 20 feet in a 120-foot orbit to reflect the distance of Wright Brothers. The first flight on December 17, 1903 to represent the man ascends to heaven and space.

According to the memorial, "the human race is a continuum of pioneers", sharing timeless dreams and limitless possibilities for vast, unexplored worlds. "

Black granite slabs are engraved with 100 of the most important aviation achievements of the last century, and the six-foot-diameter dome depicts the continents of the earth and is written with the words "When Orville Wright was lifted from Kitty Hawk's sands at 10:35 am on December 17, 1903, we were on our way To the moon and beyond. "

5. Kill Devil Hills

Kill Devil Hills is, of course, the first site of its kind in the world that operates a continuous and controlled flight, and is greeted by the Bright Brothers National Monument, visible from the United States 158, so.

Although Wrights originated in Dayton, Ohio, they conducted all their early experiments (glider) and powered plane (in airplane) in North Carolina because they provided dunes for foot and high winds to generate an elevator with minimum ground speed The soft sand of the landing, minimal landing damage, the isolation of the press and viewers.

According to the Museum of the Visitor Center – sports exhibitions, 1902 gliders, Wright Flyer 1903 copies, talks and service programs of the National Park, and a bookstore / gift shop – the brothers were inspired by their designs and based on the principles of aerodynamics four former pioneers: Sir George Kylie (1773–1857), who founded the basis of aerodynamics; Alphonse Benaud (1850–1880), who built the Bluefone model running on the rubber band and flew 131 feet; Otto Lilienthal (1848–1896), who conducted extensive glider experiments; and Octave Chanot (1832-1910), who became a virtual clearing house for all developments Related to aviation and published in a book entitled "Progress in flying machines." The Wright Brothers' biplane glider, in fact, was a virtual version of his own.

According to the museum, the memorial is the birthplace of aviation. "Here, on December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first successful flight in world history." "The bad guys believe that human flight was possible and can be achieved through a systematic study."

This systematic approach, coupled with their intuitive mechanical ability and analytical intelligence, enabled them to understand the opposite weight lifting and that the opposite force of traction, but more importantly, this journey can only be overcome by controlling its three lateral, longitudinal and vertical axes. . This lack of understanding caused the failure of all former experimenters.

They developed control surfaces to tame and thus maintain the stability of the aircraft, and managed to fly their non-powered gliders, which have undergone hundreds of launches from nearby Kill Devil Hill, to the successful Wright Flyer.

Represents two reconstructed buildings Wright brothers. Camp 1903, to the left hangar, to the right their own workshop and living quarters with a fireplace, raw kitchen, pantry, table, ladder to reach the burlap cranes hanging from the rafters that served as their families.

The Granite Memorial Rock is the starting point for the four successful voyages on December 17, 1903, and the marks in the field indicate the distance of each one and the amount of air time required to reach them.

Orville, who controlled Wright Flyer while Wilbur was his "ground crew" and settled in his wings, dominated the takeoff route at 10:35 am on that historic day, covering 120 feet in 12 seconds, while Wilbur himself led The next attempt, covered 175 feet at the same time. The penultimate battle flew 200 feet in 15 seconds and looted the longest 852 feet in 59 seconds, after which the plane was damaged, as well as the weather at the end of the season, more tests and the brothers returned to Ohio.

According to the rock set up by the National Aeronautics Association of the United States of America on December 17, 1928 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the event, “The first successful flight of an aircraft from this place was made by Orville Wright, on December 17, 1903, in a machine designed and made by Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright ".

The former sea was replaced by sand and sand dunes extending from the first flight rock, which was still operating in the wind as much as gliders and powered designs were replaced by a sloping green field, aerodynamic forces still invisibly cleans sensitive herb tips causing them to swing , Perhaps in memory, for this event after more than a century.

The distance from the starting point, marked by the launch path, to the fourth and farthest sign, requires rapid walking using man-given feet, but in 1903, it was covered with wings where the birds were talented. The bad guys have successfully hybridized human and animal species, manifested as a machine.

The 60-foot-high memorial atop the 90-foot-tall Kill Devil Hill dunes, now covered with grass from First Flight Airport with its 3,000-foot runway, marks the starting point for hundreds of Wright's gliders.

They wrote at the time: "The sand blinds us to some extent." "It's blowing on the ground in the clouds. We certainly can't complain about it. We came here looking for wind and sand and we got it."

Wright Flyer's full-size stainless steel statue, located across the hill at his base and weighing far more than the original 10,000-pound plane, depicts the first historic trip with photographer John Daniels, from the local life-saving station, about to take the only picture That I picked it up at all.

Centennial Pavilion, across the parking lot from the Visitor Center, the Museum and the Joint Aviation Room, offers movies, aviation exhibitions and Outer Banks.

6. Head is finished

Just a few miles south of Kill Devil Hills, in Nags head, another aviation-related attraction is Jidge State Park.

One of the 35 states in North Carolina and four recreational areas stretching from Mount Mitchell – the highest peak in the west to Jockey Ridge in the east, a 425-acre facility comprising the highest sand dunes on the coast, which, over the years, has varied in Height from 90 to 110 feet.

Its visitor center features a museum with photographs of the dunes and their evolution, along with presentations of the flora and fauna of the area, while two walking trails offer a direct view of the park: the 45-minute Soundside Nature Trail and 1.5-mile trails in the sand. But its essence is the dune itself and is synonymous with paragliding. The way Kill Devil Hills was the birthplace of the powered flight, as well, the Nags Head for a personal journey was not powered, since sport, in many ways, has its roots here.

Francis Rogalo, like the Wright brothers who had preceded him for almost five decades, laid the groundwork for the sport and were then considered the "father of modern paragliding". In an effort to make aviation affordable and affordable, he descended into heaven in 1948 aboard a temporary glider whose wings were assembled from his wife's kitchen curtains, claiming that "my intention is to give everyone the opportunity to experience direct flight."

After Wright's footsteps on the sand until they disappeared into the sky, he used their same foot-firing techniques less than five miles from those used in Kill Devil Hills.

Kitty Hawk Kites, serving Ridge Jockey and established in 1974, teaches both the launch and the paragliding procedure, and is today the world's largest aviation school, with more than 300,000 students on its list.

Initial lessons approved by teachers require a ground briefing, the release of the foot of the dunes and a slide of five to 15 feet.

Hang Hanging Spectacular, the longest ice skating competition, is held annually in May at the Jockey Circuit.

7. Roanoke Island

Situated between the northern shores of North Outer and Dare, Roanoke Island, eight miles wide and two miles wide, is the first English settlement in the New World and has many attractions to explain.

Mantio, its commercial and government center, is an attractive waterfront city of artists, fishermen, inns, breakfasts, breakfasts, cafes, gift shops, galleries, restaurants, corridors and a marina with 53 blocks on the Shalu Bagh bay, history is reflected by street names such as Queen Elizabeth Street and Sir Walter Raleigh Street.

Named after the Croatian leader who returned with the first English explorers in the late 16th century, it was incorporated as a city in 1899 and offers many of its own sights. The Magnolia Market, for example, is an outdoor pavilion used for city-sponsored events. Located on Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Tranquil House Inn is a 19th-century seaside hotel on the Outer Banks Coast with cypress wood, taut stained glass and back balconies with views of the bay, shaded beds, continental breakfast, afternoon wine and cheese restaurant 1587.

Another landmark is the North Carolina Maritime Museum, one of Beaufort's prime sites, located in the George Washington Crieff Palace, which overlooks the Croatian sound. Before the fire of 1939, the area was the site of the boat building industry in Manteo, and the current structure was built by Ibn Crieff the following year to repair the boats designed by his father, which later became the official ship.

It is a workshop rather than a museum, and it gives the visitor the opportunity to observe mostly volunteer staff as they rebuild and rebuild their wooden bodies, although the boat itself is on display, along with other memorabilia.

The corridor leads to another city landmark, Roanoke Marsh Lighthouse. An exterior reconstruction of cottage-style lighthouses that spiral ships guiding ships through the narrow canal between Bamiko and Croatian voices on the south side of the island in an area called Roanoke Marches from 1877 to 1955, the general origin was shut down, but was swallowed by water during Try resettlement.

The current replica, fixed-white light, a fourth-degree Fresnel lens, was allocated in 2004, where Mayor John Wilson said, "In the coming years, while islanders mingle with visitors along the waterfront of Manteo, let's remember that, in this The spot, where many ships were built and launched, dreams still light up … a beacon now sheds its reassuring beam in the night sky … "

Lighthouses, photographs and maritime history can be viewed from within.

A quick trip to Queen Elizabeth Street and above the Cora May Pass Bridge leads to Roanoke Island Festival Park, a 25-acre living history complex celebrating America's first English settlement, with plenty of recreation.

The American Indian city, for example, depicts the coastal Algonquin culture, which flourished on Roanoke Island and its surroundings for thousands of years until the 15th century AD, at which time the nomadic fisherman's lifestyle turned into a more stable agricultural pattern.

There is no written language. As a result, the direct calculations of the English explorers, the archaeological remains discovered within the region, and the oral tradition of story-telling and craft-making have provided the basis for park exhibitions.

Under Queen Elizabeth I, the initial expedition, organized by Sir Walter Raleigh, but carried out by Captain Arthur Barlow and scientist Thomas Harriot, reached the shores of the New World in 1584, and both recorded their impressions of the land they had hoped to colonize. The copies of the small Indian city represent the kind they faced.

The basic structure of any settlement of Algonquian was the house of "weroance" or "leader" and was divided into internal surroundings, which was intended for public use and served as a welcome and entertainment area, and interior rooms, where special functions, such as high-level meetings and family activities occurred.

The wife of Granganimeo, the local leader, received several English explorers, then led them to the rooms of the outer perimeter of the house, where they were heated by fire while their feet were washed and their clothes washed, before being led into an inner room for a feast.

Another typical settlement structure is the longhouse. With the support of the seedlings' columns, whose bark was striped from small trees, she opened a curved roof in order to reduce her exposure to the wind, where he slammed her poles with ropes. Then it was covered with a frame of reeds or bark mats.

Mats or animal skins equally covered small doorways in order to reduce heat loss.

Other homes, outdoor cooking and eating areas, and work shelters are surrounded by a long house, and corn and other staple foods are usually planted on the ground.

Settlements uniformly supported between 100 and 200 villagers and were evacuated when the land they lived in was no longer arable, although a decade between abandoning the occupation and reoccupying it was usually replanting it.

More Indian life is illustrated by exhibits of cocaine and food preparation, exhausting boats and fishing dams.

The highlight of Roanoke Island Festival Park is the Elizabeth II, which berths on the bay and is visited by a large team of interpreters like the rest of its sites.

The replica, built in 1983 at the North Carolina Maritime Museum across the Gulf, is a total length of 69 feet and a width of 17 feet. The type originally constructed to transport the colonists represented the second or 1585, after Thomas Cavendish mortgaged his property to finance it, and the ship, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the event, employs hand-blended timber and locust wood pegs in the keel, frame, and slabs. Although a relatively small ship, with a displacement of 50 tons and a 65-foot main mast, was primarily geared for European commercial flights, it also crossed the open seas.

Between 1584 and 1590, eight expeditions were conducted in English, involving 22 ships, 1,200 soldiers, sailors and colonists (including 28 women and children).

The settlement site of the complex, the first English military site on American soil, is characterized by a sergeant tent, a blacksmith shop, a lathe of foot and rope, and a warehouse.

Aside from these exhibits, Roanoke Island Festival Park also houses a visitor center; The Legend of Two Tracks, Roanoke Adventure Museum and a large gift shop.

The history of the first English settlers is illustrated at another important attraction on Roanoke Island, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site.

Although Sir Walter Raleigh himself did not set foot in the New World, he was granted a pact by Queen Elizabeth I, as he had already narrated, to launch the first of three of America's so-called "Roanoke" voyages in 1584 to choose a site for colonialism, Camp to send raids on Spanish ships, searching for precious metals, such as gold. Arrived in July.

عند العودة إلى إنجلترا ، تقرر أن الجزيرة ، بسبب شواطئها المحمية ، كانت المكان الأمثل ، وتم النظر إلى أراضيها بشكل إيجابي للغاية ، كما عبر عن ذلك النقيب آرثر بارلو في تقريره إلى السير والتر رالي.

وكتب "لقد وجدناها أرضا ممتعة وأكثر خصوبة" ، حيث تمتلئ بالأرز الجيد والأخشاب الحلوة المتنوعة المليئة بالكرنب ، والكتان ، والعديد من السلع البارزة … التربة هي الأكثر وفرة ، حلوة ، مثمر ، وصحي من العالم كله. "

كان من المفترض أن تقوم حملة استكشافية ثانية ، تم إرسالها في العام التالي على 108 جنود ، بتبني ادعاء إنجلترا النهائي.

نحو هذه المستوطنة الدائمة ، تم بناء حصن ترابي على الجانب الشمالي من الجزيرة ، ولكن حدث انخفاض في العلاقات الودية السابقة مع الأمريكيين الأصليين عندما بدأوا في الاستسلام للأمراض التي أدخلت باللغة الإنجليزية والشتاء ، وهو بالكاد الوفير في تسببت المحاصيل والمواد الغذائية في الأشهر الأكثر دفئًا في زيادة اعتماد المستعمرين على الأمريكيين الأصليين حتى توترت العلاقات. أدى مقتل الشيف وينجينا ، وهو الحدث الأكثر أهمية في تاريخ المستعمرة الوليدة ، إلى تحديد مصير أوروبا وكانوا من الآن فصاعداً "أعداء".

سفن الإمداد الموعودة ، على ما يبدو متأخرة ، دفعت عودتهم إلى إنجلترا في أول فرصة ، وعندما أبحر السير فرانسيس دريك في جزيرة رونوك ، قدمت هذه الفرصة نفسها. ومع ذلك ، ظل خمسة عشر مستعمرًا يراقبون الحصن والأرض التي طالبوا بها بالفعل.

مرة أخرى عبور المحيط الأطلسي في الرحلة الاستكشافية الثالثة في عام 1587 ، وعد 117 من الرجال والنساء والأطفال ، عازمين على إقامة مستوطنة دائمة وأكثر تمثيلا للسكان الحقيقيين ، قطع الأراضي الفردية.

ومع ذلك ، فقط الإبحار مرة أخرى إلى جزيرة رونوك لإعادة توفير الأصلي 15 قبل السفر إلى الداخل إلى الداخل لإنشاء قريتهم الخاصة ، لم يعثروا على أي أثر لهم.

عاد جون وايت ، حاكم المستعمرة الجديدة ، إلى إنجلترا لما كان المقصود منه فقط أن يكون رحلة إمداد قصيرة ، لكن الأحداث المتضاربة – بما في ذلك ندرة السفن التي تبحر فيها – حالت دون عودته حتى عام 1590. هذه الرحلة ، على طول مع تلك اللاحقة في أوائل القرن السابع عشر ، فشلت أيضًا في تحديد موقع المستعمرين المفقودين ، الذين غادروا على ما يبدو حصنًا مهجورًا وبعض القطع الأثرية.

ومع ذلك ، فقد صدرت إليهم تعليمات بنشر إشعار إذا اختاروا مغادرة المنطقة أو إذا أثبتت الأحداث غير المتوقعة أنها تضر بسلامتهم ، وتحقيقًا لهذه الغاية ، تم نحت الحروف "CRO" في شجرة وظهرت الكلمة الكاملة "CROATAN" على بوابة بوابة ، كلاهما يشير إلى القبيلة المحلية وربما سبب اختفائهم.

على الرغم من استمرار عمليات التنقيب ، لم يتم العثور على سبب محدد على الإطلاق ، تاركًا ثلاث فرضيات: لقد ماتوا لأسباب طبيعية ، أو تعرضوا للهجوم ، أو تركوا طواعية – لكن إلى أين وبأي وسيلة لم يتم تحديدها ، إذا كان هذا الثلث في الواقع لم يتحدد النظرية صحيحة.

يتم سرد جزء من هذه القصة من خلال القطع الأثرية التي تم اكتشافها خلال أعمال التنقيب عن الحصن وعرضها في متحف مركز زوار ليندساي وارين ، الذي يبرز سمة السقوف الخشبية المزخرفة لعقار الإليزابيثي الذي كان يزين ذات مرة جدران هيروندين قاعة في كنت ، إنجلترا ، قبل أن يشتريها ويليام راندولف هيرست في عام 1926 لقلعته الخاصة في سان سيميون ، كاليفورنيا. استحوذت عليه خدمة الحديقة الوطنية خلال الستينيات. غرف مثل تلك الموجودة في مركز الزوار كانت سائدة في منازل الرجال الأثرياء ، مثل السير والتر رالي نفسه.

درب في الهواء الطلق يؤدي إلى تأسيس الحصن الترابي أعيد بناؤها. "على هذا الموقع" ، وفقًا للعلامة الحجرية التي تسبقه ، "في يوليو – أغسطس 1585 ، بنى المستعمرون الذين أرسلهم السير والتر رالي من إنجلترا القلعة التي أطلقوا عليها" الحصن الجديد في فرجينيا ". كان هؤلاء المستعمرون أول مستوطنين للسباق الإنجليزي في أمريكا ، وعادوا إلى إنجلترا في يوليو 1586 ، مع السير فرانسيس دريك ، وقُرب هذا المكان في الثامن عشر من أغسطس عام 1587 ، فرجينيا داري ، أول طفل للغة الإنجليزية الآباء المولودون في أمريكا ".

سرد تاريخي للمستوطنين الإنجليز الأوائل ، الذين تم وصفهم على أنهم "قصة حقيقية للمغامرة والشجاعة والتضحية" التي "تثري وتعلم وتسلي" عنوانها "المستعمرة المفقودة" ويتم تنفيذها من أواخر مايو إلى أواخر أغسطس في مسرح Waterside في الهواء الطلق ، على أرض موقع Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. استنادًا إلى القصة التي كتبها بول بولزر الحائز على جائزة بوليتزر ، تم تقديمها لأول مرة في عام 1937 ، لكنها استمرت منذ ذلك الحين وتوظف مجموعة من أكثر من 100 ممثل ومغني وراقص قاموا بإعادة الأحداث التي أدت إلى أول المستعمرين & # 39؛ اختفاء من خلال مسابقة ملكة ، والرقص الهندي ، والمعارك الملحمية ، والموسيقى الإليزابيثية ، والأزياء المعقدة.

نقطة جذب محلية أخرى هي حدائق إليزابيث ، وهي حديقة نباتية تبلغ مساحتها 10.5 فدان يمكن الوصول إليها بواسطة ممرات المشاة من الطوب والرمال وتقدم أكثر من ألف نوع من الأشجار والشجيرات والزهور.

"تم إنشاؤه لتكريم المستعمرين الإنجليز الأوائل الذين منحوا هذه الشواطئ" ، وفقًا للمتحف ، يوضح "يجمع التاريخ والغموض والخيال في هذه الحدائق الخاصة التي أنشأها Garden Club of North Carolina في عام 1951 كتذكار حي لـ أول المستعمرين الإنجليز الذين جاؤوا لاستكشاف العالم الجديد في 1584-1587 والاستقرار في جزيرة رونوك. "

وفقًا للإشارة الموجودة أمام Gate House ، مدخل الحديقة ومحل بيع الهدايا ، "عرض مسرحية The Lost Colony Symphonic Outdoor الدراما التي زرعت البذور في العقول المبدعة التي تصورت لأول مرة هذا حديقة."

هناك العديد من النقاط البارزة في هذه الواحة الهادئة. على سبيل المثال ، يعد تمثال الملكة إليزابيث الأول أكبر تكريم لها في العالم ، بينما يوجد تمثال أصغر لفرجينيا داري في مكان قريب. تبرز الطوب المصنوع يدويًا ومقاعد الغرغرة والأزهار الموسمية وطاولة رخامية وحمام الطيور الحجري منظر حديقة Roanoke Sound من إطار Overlook Terrace. يكرّم مستعمرة "كولوني ووك" المستعمرين المفقودين الذين ساروا في السابق على هذه الشواطئ المبطنة بالنباتات الساحلية. تم استخدام القصب من نورفولك ، إنجلترا ، في السقف من القش في النسخة المتماثلة من شرفة المراقبة من القرن السادس عشر. تضم مجموعة كاميليا أكثر من 125 نوعًا من الزهرة ، بينما يُعتقد أن شجرة بلوط قديمة قد نجت من الأيام التي سكن فيها المستعمرون الجزيرة في عام 1585.

ومن معالم الجذب الأخرى في جزيرة رونوك حوض نورث كارولينا المائي ، وهو واحد من المرافق الثلاثة التي تديرها الدولة على الساحل. يقع هذا الفندق ، على وجه التحديد ، على ضفاف Roanoke Sound على بعد مسافة قصيرة فقط من مطار مقاطعة Dare County الإقليمي ، وهو يصور موضوع "Waters of the Outer Banks".

يوفر السهل الساحلي في ولاية كارولينا الشمالية ، كما يتضح من عرض "المياه العذبة الساحلية" ، الحياة البرية بمجموعة متنوعة من موائل المياه العذبة. تتدفق الجداول والأنهار عبر المستنقعات والصخور الرملية وغيرها من الأراضي الرطبة في طريقها إلى الأصوات. تربط الممرات المائية جميع هذه الموائل ، مما يسمح للحياة البرية بالانتقال من واحدة إلى أخرى.

تغذي Albemarle Sound سبعة أنهار من المياه العذبة. من أجل البقاء في الصوت نفسه ، يجب أن تكون النباتات والحيوانات قادرة على التكيف مع تغيرات الملوحة ، والتي يتم إنشاؤها بواسطة الأمطار والمسودات.

يتجول ثعالب نهر التمساح والتماسيح في معرض "الأراضي الرطبة على الحافة" ، بينما تشمل شاشات العرض الأخرى تلك "المجتمعات البحرية" و "المحيط المفتوح".

النقطة المحورية للحوض هي معرض "Graveyard of the Atlantic" الذي تبلغ مساحته 285،000 جالون والذي يحتوي على أكثر من 200 سمكة وأكبر مجموعة من أسماك القرش في ولاية كارولينا الشمالية.

Enjoy a deep south vacation

Choosing the right destination for holidays can be difficult. There are either too many places to choose from and it is impossible to narrow down your choice, or it seems that no place has exactly what you need to please the whole family. However, if you are willing to be flexible and travel throughout an area of ​​the United States, you can group all activities into one holiday. A journey to the deep south offers something for everyone. We hope that no personal injury lawyer or personal injury lawyer will be required on your trip. With so many activities in one place, you're sure to find something that satisfies every member of your family.

History lovers will enjoy a visit to the south. There are a number of locations throughout the region linked to the Civil War. If you're planning a vacation in the south, take some time to read the history of the Civil War so you know what to look for. Many farms remain today and offer tours to visitors. Wandering the farmhouse and family mansion is a great way to experience South Antebellum. Many buildings date back to colonial times, so if you spend time in a southern city, you can buy historic buildings and at least you can stop for some pictures.

With this temperate climate, the South offers opportunities to spend time abroad throughout the year. There are parks, recreational areas and beaches, all of which offer family fun most months of the year. Be sure to plan some outdoor fun on your journey to the south. You can plan visits to states and national parks in Georgia, North Carolina and North Florida. All sites offer an opportunity to experience regional flora and wildlife, as well as a number of activities that the whole family will love.

If you want to experience the big city during your journey to the south, there are many destinations to choose from. Spend time searching for the best and most exciting areas before you go. There are plenty of options for hotels, restaurants, shopping and evening entertainment. Art lovers will enjoy a choice of museums and a variety of cultural events held in most areas. Public transport in many cities will take you to many important locations.

Finally, give plenty of time to enjoy local cuisine. The south is famous for regional cuisine such as barbecue, Soul food, fresh peaches and seafood. If you're traveling from city to city in the south, take time to sample the regional dishes that each region is famous for. Kids will love to eat pasta, cheese, sweet potato cakes and peach pie. Adults will want to try Southern BBQ options made with soft meat and sweet sauces. Even Georgia offers celebrity dining options where you can enjoy prepared meals at restaurants owned by favorite TV chefs.