All about Washington DC restaurants

Welcome to the National Capitol! Yes, people talk about politics in this town, just like the rest talk about our sports teams. But they're not really that bad – the people of the capital really know how to ease these ties. DC is a city that loves happy hours – at a time when you can catch up with friends or meet new friends.

We have seen that you are smuggling your changing clothes after work into your room so you are ready for the bell 5. Continue, leave your car in the office garage – you can always connect it to your home or subway again for work the next morning.

Like most cities, Washington DC is a collection of small neighborhoods (there are 14 of them), each with its flavor and charm. Architecture and attitude change from one block to another, creating a cultural mix that can be great for locals and tourists alike. The city has plenty of energy from all of the city's politics, government and colleges. From Vietnamese places in Arlington, Virginia to the charming brown stones of Georgetown; from the urban feel of the Connecticut corridor near Woodley Park and Cleveland Park to the alternative Dupont Circle, each area in this city offers something unique.

One of our favorite things in the capital is just wasting the day or night in the mall. But remember, this is not the type of shopping. It is a quadruped or grassy park among all the magnificent national monuments and museums in the heart of the city. The Smithsonian Museums are free and let you explore art, history, space and much more. You also feel national pride as you walk around the mall. So, even if you hate a science lesson, you'll still enjoy the whisper inside the Capitol. While in the area, you should stop at the Spy Museum – with all the troublemaker about James Bonds' true stories. Just try to remember your nickname as you navigate through the interactive spy maze. Make a reservation because the lines are well known.

Have you finished your appetite to see all those landmarks in our nation's building? When you have a whole bunch of lessons and historical facts that you have forgotten since sixth grade, it is time to complete the groove. Here are our tripodod choices for wine and dining in your party (politician or not), while in DC:


CityZen (city center) – Eric Ziebold is located in Mandarin Oriental (1330 Maryland Avenue Avenue SW, 12th Street), an unusual CityZen chef, and was selected as one of America's best new chefs – and the restaurant One of the world's hottest restaurants. "This American-French (Asian-rooted) restaurant features high ceilings and an exhibition kitchen – where you can watch delicious dishes such as cherry pie, chicken, dumplings or proscuitto with watermelon. Three-tasting menus are prepared. Available and will not disappoint. It has 800 bottles, a sophisticated lounge and dining area, a martini or a signature champagne cocktail – CityZen lets you indulge in a luxurious culinary journey.

Mate (Georgetown) – An upscale Latin sushi lounge, this place is simply … Another jewel in the crown of the bar teacher Mauricio Fraga Rosenfeld (Cha Cha and Joa Rabo constructor), this combination acquires a master corner estate in one of the remaining retail spaces in the Ritz complex Carlton. The restaurant is famous for Verba Mate tea, and also features a mix imported from Argentina mixed with rum, fresh fruit, mojitos and even Verba Mate soup. Don't miss the maki-like menus with delicious Latin ingredients, along with traditional dishes such as Plato. Although there is no ballroom here, Mate turns into an exciting night spot when DJ music spins. The Mate can be found at 3101 K St NW (at 31st St. NW).

Zola (city center) – Zola is a stylish modern venue serving American cuisine. Set amidst renovated classical architecture (in the historic Le Droit building), it offers an interesting à la carte wine list. With a little spying, patrons can wander through a small spy hole in a nearby kiosk and look at others who feed on smoked beer and cheddar cheese, roasted lamb or gnocchi potatoes (which are enyaw-kees). Although desserts range from simple to sweet, they give way to peanut butter and chocolate bomb. Zola can be found below the radar in the building of the International Spy Museum at 800 F Street NW (at 8).

IndeBleu (city center) – The slogan of this place is: "Mingle below, above, seduce around." IndeBleu combines the intrigue of the Near East with the elegance and class in Europe and the style and energy of the Capitol in the world, giving you an experience like no other. It offers a contemporary blend of French / Indian cuisine in the main dining room, street food, world rhythms in the sensual lounge and a variety of cocktail options at the bar – what else do you need? Pillows, sunken corners and floor-to-ceiling sofas are already helping. This place is particularly busy from Wednesday to Saturday when the DJ's world songs spin. IndeBleu can be found at 707 G. St., NW (at 7th St.).

Filomena Ristorante (Georgetown) – One of Washington's most famous authentic Italian restaurants, Filomena is a landmark that has stood the test of time for nearly 25 years. Located in the heart of historic Georgetown (1063 Wisconsin Ave NW, on M Street), Pasta Mamas is known to evoke tempting home pasta in the restaurant's front window. Inside, sumptuous portions and a bargain cellar (no pun intended – restaurants located below street level) will set off $ 10 food buffets. Filomena's menu takes you on a tour of Italy with delicious cuisine, such as the tender ravioli of mama packed with Italian cheese, spinach and gnocchi della. For the beautiful end of your tour, you won't miss the chance to choose any of the wonderful cakes that are baked daily at Filomena Bakery.

Mie N Yu (Georgetown) – This place is very strange, you will be fooled into thinking that you are in a completely different country. Formerly Georgetown Station Space, everything about this place is a feast for the senses. Almost every inch of the 7,000-square-foot restaurant / bar is decorated with red, fuchsia, brocade, velvet, antiques, antiques and other colorful ornaments reminiscent of a Moroccan market. Mie N Yu is designed for anyone and everyone in Silk Road style all the time to relax in the Dragon Lounge, sip cocktails in the Red Baroque dining room and order food and special drinks in the Turkish tent or the Tibetan harem room (continue searching for the wrought iron bird cage). The English-inspired bar, equipped with DJ's grooves spread all over the world, tour this unique dining destination. In 3125 AD Northwest (in Wisconsin Ave).

Local 16 (U Street Corridor) – This place may look like a place for trade union workers, but the name really indicates its location. Local 16 is an adult-only dinner destination, located above the neighbors and is great below the radar screen of the "Bridging Tunnels and Bridges". Eating here means eating with the locals. Divided between a bar / lounge, a dining corner and a cozy dining room, Local 16 Restaurant serves amazing dishes such as fried oyster boy, salmon behavior and salmon with pistachio. After 11pm, you will notice that most diners pile up and the locals pile up. Check out two indoor bars, an outdoor terrace, a DJ, and a mixed crowd of folk who just want a pint. Local 16 is located at 1602 U St. NW (in New Hampshire Ave. NW).

LIMA (city center) – This lounge on K Street offers powerful Latin influences on its list – with a few international fusion curves to keep things enjoyable. With a dining room above and a lounge downstairs, LIMA is dark, attractive and exciting. Just be careful of indulging to the point of losing your feet on the "invisible stairs"! Representing a distinctive range of cuisine, design and ambiance, LIMA will feel a delicious plate of delicious and delicious dishes including ceviche, salad, steaks and seafood. At 1401 K Street NW (at 14 and K Sts.).

Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar (Capitol Hill) – New wine bar and restaurant in – from all places – Capital Hill. Although it seems a strange place to open such a modern restaurant / bar, success speaks for itself. Their menu is of Southern European influence, offering the best cheeses and meats of Italian, French and Spanish varieties – all in a variety of combinations with olives and other dishes on a wood chopping board. Sonoma also has the largest collection of wines by glass or by plane. Sonoma is located at 223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE (2nd Street SE).

Galileo (Foggy Bottom) – famous for its Italian and innovative cuisine, Galileo himself was proud of this place. He was recognized by food critics as one of the best Italian restaurants in the country and Roberto Donna as one of the best chefs in the country. The daily changing restaurant menu offers many dining options: an informal meal at the bar, an elegant meal in the main dining room; and a creamy de la crème cooking experience in a private dining and kitchen area, where Donna prepares a 12 to 14 tasting menu that entertains you. FYI: Donna makes his own pork for salami and brusquitto, all sausages, pasta, mozzarella, jam and bread all made at home. Galileo's is located at 1110 21st Street NW (between the streets of L&M).

Zengo (city center) – a Latin-Asian hotspot, Zengo (which translates to "giving something") integrates the heritage of Chef Richard Sandoval with his passion for Asian cuisine. Located in the hot spot of the restaurant near the MCI Center, ZINGO is part of a serious and sophisticated restaurant and a stylish and exciting part, with delicious delicacies such as pickled ginger tacos and Thai-loaded empanadas – this place is definitely worth a visit! The cocktail menu is one place in Zingo that does not mix its interests with Latin and Asian – so you should stick to its classic caipirin, martinis or sake. Zhengzhou is located on 781 7th St. NW (bet. 7 & H Sts.).

Tapaq Bistro (U Street Corridor) – One of the best new places in the capital, this five-storey restaurant features a restaurant, lounge area with several bars and a deadly rooftop terrace (for all season use and 360 degree panoramic views of the city). Embracing Mediterranean flavors from Turkey to Morocco, Tapas-style tapas offers a wonderful and elegant blend of taste and presentation. Be careful: you may experience some "attitude" at the door, because Tabaq really enforces a strict regime without jeans and doesn't know sneakers, which was known to disturb some feathers. 1336 U St NW (Bet. 14 & U) was found.

Cabanas (Georgetown) – Cabanas offers upscale fare from Latin America, as well as the option to dine indoors or out, Cabanas is another option in the heart of Georgetown. Surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the harbor fountains, the outdoor patio is a place to see. The menu offers delicious options ranging from chili calamari and shrimp / scallops slices to fish tacos and corn / crab pies. Don't miss the frozen mango margaritas! When the weather allows, try picking up an outside table. 3050 K Street NW (found at Thomas Jefferson).

Café La Ruche (Georgetown) – This old French-inspired favorite (opened since 1979), featuring contemporary artwork, flags and old photos scattered across the walls in this 19th-century building. The menu is known for some of the best cuisine I have ever tasted it, and the menu also offers traditional French favorites such as potatoes, leek soup and croquette monsette. Café La Ruche also offers good wines and great desserts – all of which can be eaten in the gorgeous garden-like outdoor seating area overlooking the cobblestone streets of Georgetown. Café La Ruche is located at 1039 31st Street NW (in M St. NW).

Tony and Joe Seafood (Georgetown) – an old institution that made the same waterfront, it is hard to imagine a better view around the capital on the banks of the Potomac River, this harbor spot (with views of the Kennedy Center, Key Bridge and Roosevelt Island, usually Packed with anyone who goes to the waterfront in G-town by boat or otherwise, every young American seems to find their way here for drinks after work and seafood. Try the hot crab dip, which always makes a good start. 3000 K St St NW (at 30).

Ciba (city center) – Latin inspiration guides the menu and decor in Ciba. Food is spread in Brazil, the Yucatan, the Caribbean and Cuba – while the décor features Mexican tiled floors and tropical frescoes. Set in the historic Colorado building (at 701 14th Street Northwest, on San Street), Ceiba features a dimly lit multi-level dining area filled with patrons who enjoy traditional Ceviche dishes in Latin America. Appetizers like Jamaican crab dumplings and geese liver served with corn cake should not be missed! Adding caipirinhas and authentic mojito – how can you go wrong?

The Palm (DuPont Circle) – Some institutions never change. If you can't find a senator on Capitol Hill, it's best to check Palm. This is where the strongest cities have long been their most loyal patrons. A place to negotiate and make deals on a famous (huge) steak like the signature martini restaurant! But you don't need to be a politician to enjoy great food, waitresses with white jackets, dark suits and high heels here. Look out for Larry King and Tim Rosert, as they are known to appear. The Palm is located at 1225 19th Street NW (Bet. N & M Sts. NW).

Taste of Carolina (Shaw District) – You feel like Dixie-style dishes, but can't make your way south? Try Southern food and hospitality at its best at Taste of Carolina Restaurant. This restaurant serves up to the south in a high-style, 2-storey house and bar that has been converted into a restaurant and bar. Representing some good foods, the menu offers a variety of options, from fried fish sandwiches and grilled chicken, to Homemade Pound Cake. The Taste of Carolina is certainly surprised at the happy hour, but the best seats in the house are on the windowsill. Keep in mind: you can also find karaoke, read poetry and live jazz on weekends. Taste of Carolina is located at 1930 9th Street SW (near T St. NW).

Sequoia Restaurant (Georgetown) – Stroll through the doors in Sequoia, walk to the land of beauty – beautiful decor (high ceilings, warm lighting and cherry wood), beautiful people (the elite city of well-healed) can be found here) and beautiful views (located directly on the waterfront Potomac). The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, three dining levels and a magnificent courtyard area – where singular cocktails are singled out under the white lights. The restaurant serves everything from luxurious burgers to Chilean sea bass. You should try duck pies and crab cakes. Jacket and tie required. Sequoia is located at 3000 K St. NW (in the 30th NW NW).

Old Ebbitt Grille (city center) – Founded in 1856, Old Ebbitt Grill is the city's oldest dining salon. Located across from the White House (steps from museums in downtown Washington), Old Ebbitt offers traditional American cuisine and offers the largest selection of oysters in the area. Favorite by Presidents Grant, Cleveland, Harding and Roosevelt, Old Ebbitt offers casual dining with service to locals and visitors alike – always a popular meeting place for political insiders, journalists, celebrities and theater visitors. Old Ebbitt Grille is located at 675 15th Street, NW (between F and G).