Mozambique – where the sunny sky is Aqua Blue

Located on the southeast coast of the continent, Mozambique is considered One of the coastal jewels of Africa . Famous for it Crystalline blue water The magnificent coral reefs and their amazing diversity of marine life.

This former Portuguese colony, unique A melting pot of diverse cultures , Is a major attraction for travelers looking for an African adventure experience.

Mozambique, devastated by the bloody 17-year civil war since the end of the war in 1992, is actively rebuilding itself. This has begun to open A range of travel opportunities For visitors eager to get a taste of this African tropical paradise .

Great neighborhood

Bordered by Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, Mozambique is an ideal base for travelers hoping to explore these countries as well. Similarly, a visit to Mozambique can easily be integrated into a tour to any of these countries.

Roaming around

The road network in Mozambique is reasonable Well established Most major roads are maintained regularly.

Most major centers and popular areas are Accessible by dual-drive vehicles . Of course 4×4 offers a special feature It opens up a range of other travel possibilities. over there Many car rental companies In Maputo, to meet the needs of the traveler interested in a self-driving holiday.

If you prefer extra comfort and safety to stand by a professional, there are a number of Private minibus operators And reliable public transport companies operating in the main centers.

If you want to experience Mozambique travel as part of A more comprehensive African experience -Packages offered by wild adventure travel companies are a good choice. Typically, these companies put together land tours, which Pass through a number of countries It offers travelers a unique opportunity to enjoy a varied African travel experience.

Climate and weather

Mozambique is enjoying Warm tropical climate With an average temperature of about 20s (° C) high range. The atmosphere is warm and sunny all year round, and is perfect for enjoying the utmost magic of the country.

The Summer months , From October to April, is often hot and humid rainy from April to September Winter months Cooler, drier and more comfortable for visitors who are unfamiliar with the heat and humidity usually associated with a warm season in the tropics.

This does not mean that you should not start traveling to Mozambique during the summer, as actual temperatures and precipitation vary by region within the country. Top lying The provinces of Nampula and Niassa are the coolest , While the The northeastern coastal areas are the hottest . The northern region receives much more rainfall than the south.

If you hope to Mozambique Safari Experiment Best time of year to visit Is about The end of the winter months . This dry season usually sees animals gathering in larger groups than they do in the summer. View the summer months Excellent fishing opportunities With the largest fish that fill the coastal waters during this time of year.

Diving in Mozambique

Mozambique A world famous diving site With many wonderful coral reefs that support An amazing collection of marine life . The relatively warm water temperature and a large number of interesting creatures, including dugongs, sharks, dolphins, whales and shallow fish make Awesome diving experience .

The most popular area among diving enthusiasts The Bazaruto Archipelago , Consisting of four islands; Bazaruto, Benguera, Margoc and Santa Carolina. Coral reefs, sidewalks and clear blue waters provide what is considered The best snorkeling and diving in Africa . If your trip to Mozambique will be limited to only one destination in the country, this group of islands should be.


The currency unit is Metical . Made mid-2006, this Relatively new currency Used together with the elderly Mitikai , Which is being phased out. In the southern parts of the country South African Rand, US Dollar and British Pound They are also accepted. In the north, the US dollar and sterling are widely accepted.
Credit cards are accepted to some extent , But only before Larger hotels or companies Specially geared towards tourists. In general, it should be assumed that your credit card will not be easily accepted.

Health precautions

Mozambique Malaria risk zone , So visitors should take appropriate precautions.
To reduce the risk of mosquitoes, travelers are advised to wear long sleeves and trousers when possible and use an effective mosquito repellent on exposed skin.
Treated mosquito netting The doors and windows of your accommodation should be used and checked to prevent mosquitoes from leaving. A fan or air conditioner can also help reduce mosquito activity at night to some extent.

Also important is the use of An effective drug to combat malaria . Be careful that some medications cause side effects, so consult your doctor or travel clinic before you intend to be at risk to make sure you are adequately protected.

With a painful history of war and destruction, Mozambique has rebuilt itself and looks to the future by capitalizing on them Natural Beauty .
Whether you're traveling, adventure or the perfect eco-tourist experience, Mozambique is a great place The perfect tropical destination This will not disappoint. It's really a slice of paradise.