Much more to see now in the Israel Bible Land tour

The third biblical tour of Israel, in November 2011, delighted us with the amazing new discoveries in Jerusalem and Nazareth, but throughout Israel where there is an unprecedented amount of excavation and archaeological discoveries. Jehovah's Witnesses have many tour agencies that run these tours, using high-quality hotels and agencies. We have enjoyed Jerusalem all the time, and have known and loved it more than ever.

In Jerusalem, the ancient Steps of Herod recently opened a long stone series of Roman steps leading from the original Pool of Siloam, which was discovered only in recent years after many years of experts who appeared in the wrong pool!

Next door is the Spring of Jeon with a lot of digging going on every day; a group of Uni students are clearing thousands of years of rubble from what appears to be four original defensive stone towers protecting the main source of Jerusalem's water. They had to rethink Warren's spear theory from what was believed to be a vertical vertical column to collect city water, into a slanted horizontal tunnel leading from two newly discovered towers to two others in the city walls.

Then in Nazareth is the newly opened village of Nazareth, a re-establishment of Nazareth as it was 2000 years ago, with live demonstrations and tours of the great site, in the center of the real Nazareth.

Massada also has a lot to see a year ago … new rooms opened, better walking styles, and more shelter than the scorching sun. The Jericho baptism site in Jordan reopened after many years of closure between Jordan and Israel; a blue dye factory was opened to the public showing the mysterious process of producing the blue dye used in the robes of ancient priests; The West Wall tunnel in Jerusalem is stunning … and the list goes on with new discoveries.

you have to go! With any of the JWs groups, you can move to the 'authentic' locations (or as close as possible with current knowledge); maybe they will also take you to Bethel there, as the two most popular groups are the bethel tour 'organizations from United States and United Kingdom.