Camping Tips

Camping Tips

When it comes to camping trips, they should be relaxing adventures no matter what it is, a family trip, romantic rendezvous, or a trip seeking adventure in the back-century. There are fundamental things all people should know about and prepare for before going camping, whether it is a camping enthusiast or a novice. Those who are seasoned campers tend to be aware of the necessities, but those who many not camp as frequently or who are taking a small trip may overlook some of the basics.


First of all, know the territory! Be aware of the trail system (if applicable) and the precise location. Come equipped with a compass and if affordable, a GPS in case of an emergency. One should also have a radio to contact authorities in case of an emergency, particularly if camping in the back-country. Also, be aware of the weather forecasts but prepare for sudden changes or unexpected storms, unbearable heat, etc.


Other necessities? First aid kits are essential! It’s important to have the basics and to plan for unexpected illnesses, even those as minute as a headache. Bring EXTRA water. People often under pack water because of its heaviness and space consumption; however, this is the LAST thing that should be compromised. Dehydration can be deadly. There can never be too much water, so keep this in mind. Secondly, be sure to bring enough non-perishable food, in the even fresh foods are damaged or spoiled. Be sure to discard of all food remains as to not attract wildlife or predators such as bears or mountain lions.


Be sure to bring enough layers and extra blankets or coverings. Harsh and unexpected cold can be brutal.


Lastly, be aware of your surroundings. Bringing a basic camping guide is a wise effort to address other things that may be overlooked. Stay hydrated. Stay on trail. Remain aware of your surroundings and cautious of potential dangers. Stay in a pair or group at all times. Be sure to clean up all trash and leave no garbage behind. It’s important to leave nature as it was before you visited. And of course, enjoy yourself, your company, and the solace nature provides.


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