Ideal Camping Stove

Ideal Camping Stove

There are many different options for a suitable stove for each camping on base of the location and weather condition of the camping site. There are two general categories of camping stoves namely according to camping activity and fuel used.

Generally, camping stoves are portable and lightweight and may come various sizes and shapes for convenient handling. There are two categories of stove with their corresponding pros and cons.

Types of camping stoves according to camping activity and location:

Backpacking stoves

Stoves of these kinds are portable and easy to use, which perform well when fueled by gas canister, solid fuel or methylated spirit.

Mountain stoves

These kinds of stoves are usually lightweight and come with a detachable liquid fuel source for easy set-up. However, these have low performances if used in high altitude location or places with very cold climate.

Family camping stoves

Since these are intended for family outing, they are usually the bulky type that can be transported with the use of a car.

Types of camping stoves according to fuel used:

Stove with gas canister

This type is the easiest to use since you only need to switch and light it on. However, more disadvantages are observed like the high operational cost, waste disposal problem, and reduced performance in high altitude places.

Solid fuel stove

This makes use of alcohol gels and hex blocks to produce fire. Advantages include safety, reliability, affordability, and low maintenance. Like any other stoves, it also has limitations like longer cooking duration, limited availability and inefficient heat production.

Mythylated spirit powered stove

The vapor emitted by the burner is what keeps the stove working. It is a lot safer; however, cooking time is longer due to very low temperature produced.

Petroleum liquid based stove

Economical and versatility make this type of stove ideal for longer camping days and extreme condition adventures. The only disadvantage of this type is, it needs extra pumping effort to pre-heat the fuel and produce light.

Various options should always be explored when buying a camping stove. Consider the advantages and disadvantages before deciding to buy. The kind of trip, the number of campers, and the climate should always be taken into account. When buying a camping stove, always see to it that the fuel is compatible with the type of stove to be able to maximize its performance. We can only say that this type of stove is ideal if it suitable to the kind of camping trip we are undertaking.