All about Washington DC restaurants

Welcome to the National Capitol! Yes, people talk about politics in this town, just like the rest talk about our sports teams. But they’re not really that bad – the people of the capital really know how to ease these ties. DC is a city that loves happy hours – at a time when you can catch up with friends or meet new friends.
We have seen that you are smuggling your changing clothes after work into your room so you are ready for the bell 5. Continue, leave your car in the office garage – you can always connect it to your home or subway again for work the next morning.
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Like most cities, Washington DC is a collection of small neighborhoods (there are 14 of them), each with its flavor and charm. Architecture and attitude change from one block to another, creating a cultural mix that can be great for locals and tourists alike. The city has plenty of energy from all of the city’s politics, government and colleges. From Vietnamese places in Arlington, Virginia to the charming brown stones of Georgetown; from the urban feel of the Connecticut corridor near Woodley Park and Cleveland Park to the alternative Dupont Circle, each area in this city offers something unique.
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One of our favorite things in the capital is just wasting the day or night in the mall. But remember, this is not the type of shopping. It is a quadruped or grassy park among all the magnificent national monuments and museums in the heart of the city.
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The Smithsonian Museums are free and let you explore art, history, space and much more. You also feel national pride as you walk around the mall. So, even if you hate a science lesson, you’ll still enjoy the whisper inside the Capitol. While in the area, you should stop at the Spy Museum – with all the troublemaker about James Bonds’ true stories. Just try to remember your nickname as you navigate through the interactive spy maze. Make a reservation because the lines are well known.
Have you finished your appetite to see all those landmarks in our nation’s building? When you have a whole bunch of lessons and historical facts that you have forgotten since sixth grade, it is time to complete the groove. Here are our tripodod choices for wine and dining in your party (politician or not), while in DC:
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CityZen (city center) – Eric Ziebold is located in Mandarin Oriental (1330 Maryland Avenue Avenue SW, 12th Street), an unusual CityZen chef, and was selected as one of America’s best new chefs – and the restaurant One of the world’s hottest restaurants. “This American-French (Asian-rooted) restaurant features high ceilings and an exhibition kitchen – where you can watch delicious dishes such as cherry pie, chicken, dumplings or proscuitto with watermelon. Three-tasting menus are prepared. Available and will not disappoint. It has 800 bottles, a sophisticated lounge and dining area, a martini or a signature champagne cocktail – CityZen lets you indulge in a luxurious culinary journey.
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Mate (Georgetown) – An upscale Latin sushi lounge, this place is simply … Another jewel in the crown of the bar teacher Mauricio Fraga Rosenfeld (Cha Cha and Joa Rabo constructor), this combination acquires a master corner estate in one of the remaining retail spaces in the Ritz complex Carlton. The restaurant is famous for Verba Mate tea, and also features a mix imported from Argentina mixed with rum, fresh fruit, mojitos and even Verba Mate soup.
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Don’t miss the maki-like menus with delicious Latin ingredients, along with traditional dishes such as Plato. Although there is no ballroom here, Mate turns into an exciting night spot when DJ music spins. The Mate can be found at 3101 K St NW (at 31st St. NW).
Zola (city center) – Zola is a stylish modern venue serving American cuisine. Set amidst renovated classical architecture (in the historic Le Droit building), it offers an interesting à la carte wine list. With a little spying, patrons can wander through a small spy hole in a nearby kiosk and look at others who feed on smoked beer and cheddar cheese, roasted lamb or gnocchi potatoes (which are enyaw-kees). Although desserts range from simple to sweet, they give way to peanut butter and chocolate bomb. Zola can be found below the radar in the building of the International Spy Museum at 800 F Street NW (at 8).
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IndeBleu (city center) – The slogan of this place is: “Mingle below, above, seduce around.” IndeBleu combines the intrigue of the Near East with the elegance and class in Europe and the style and energy of the Capitol in the world, giving you an experience like no other. It offers a contemporary blend of French / Indian cuisine in the main dining room, street food, world rhythms in the sensual lounge and a variety of cocktail options at the bar – what else do you need? Pillows, sunken corners and floor-to-ceiling sofas are already helping. This place is particularly busy from Wednesday to Saturday when the DJ’s world songs spin. IndeBleu can be found at 707 G. St., NW (at 7th St.).
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Filomena Ristorante (Georgetown) – One of Washington’s most famous authentic Italian restaurants, Filomena is a landmark that has stood the test of time for nearly 25 years.
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Located in the heart of historic Georgetown (1063 Wisconsin Ave NW, on M Street), Pasta Mamas is known to evoke tempting home pasta in the restaurant’s front window. Inside, sumptuous portions and a bargain cellar (no pun intended – restaurants located below street level) will set off $ 10 food buffets. Filomena’s menu takes you on a tour of Italy with delicious cuisine, such as the tender ravioli of mama packed with Italian cheese, spinach and gnocchi della. For the beautiful end of your tour, you won’t miss the chance to choose any of the wonderful cakes that are baked daily at Filomena Bakery.
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Mie N Yu (Georgetown) – This place is very strange, you will be fooled into thinking that you are in a completely different country. Formerly Georgetown Station Space, everything about this place is a feast for the senses. Almost every inch of the 7,000-square-foot restaurant / bar is decorated with red, fuchsia, brocade, velvet, antiques, antiques and other colorful ornaments reminiscent of a Moroccan market. Mie N Yu is designed for anyone and everyone in Silk Road style all the time to relax in the Dragon Lounge, sip cocktails in the Red Baroque dining room and order food and special drinks in the Turkish tent or the Tibetan harem room (continue searching for the wrought iron bird cage). The English-inspired bar, equipped with DJ’s grooves spread all over the world, tour this unique dining destination. In 3125 AD Northwest (in Wisconsin Ave).
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Local 16 (U Street Corridor) – This place may look like a place for trade union workers, but the name really indicates its location. Local 16 is an adult-only dinner destination, located above the neighbors and is great below the radar screen of the “Bridging Tunnels and Bridges”. Eating here means eating with the locals.
Divided between a bar / lounge, a dining corner and a cozy dining room, Local 16 Restaurant serves amazing dishes such as fried oyster boy, salmon behavior and salmon with pistachio. After 11pm, you will notice that most diners pile up and the locals pile up. Check out two indoor bars, an outdoor terrace, a DJ, and a mixed crowd of folk who just want a pint. Local 16 is located at 1602 U St. NW (in New Hampshire Ave. NW).
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LIMA (city center) – This lounge on K Street offers powerful Latin influences on its list – with a few international fusion curves to keep things enjoyable. With a dining room above and a lounge downstairs, LIMA is dark, attractive and exciting. Just be careful of indulging to the point of losing your feet on the “invisible stairs”! Representing a distinctive range of cuisine, design and ambiance, LIMA will feel a delicious plate of delicious and delicious dishes including ceviche, salad, steaks and seafood. At 1401 K Street NW (at 14 and K Sts.).

Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar (Capitol Hill) – New wine bar and restaurant in – from all places – Capital Hill. Although it seems a strange place to open such a modern restaurant / bar, success speaks for itself. Their menu is of Southern European influence, offering the best cheeses and meats of Italian, French and Spanish varieties – all in a variety of combinations with olives and other dishes on a wood chopping board. Sonoma also has the largest collection of wines by glass or by plane. Sonoma is located at 223 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE (2nd Street SE).

Galileo (Foggy Bottom) – famous for its Italian and innovative cuisine, Galileo himself was proud of this place. He was recognized by food critics as one of the best Italian restaurants in the country and Roberto Donna as one of the best chefs in the country. The daily changing restaurant menu offers many dining options: an informal meal at the bar, an elegant meal in the main dining room; and a creamy de la crème cooking experience in a private dining and kitchen area, where Donna prepares a 12 to 14 tasting menu that entertains you. FYI: Donna makes his own pork for salami and brusquitto, all sausages, pasta, mozzarella, jam and bread all made at home. Galileo’s is located at 1110 21st Street NW (between the streets of L&M).

Zengo (city center) – a Latin-Asian hotspot, Zengo (which translates to “giving something”) integrates the heritage of Chef Richard Sandoval with his passion for Asian cuisine. Located in the hot spot of the restaurant near the MCI Center, ZINGO is part of a serious and sophisticated restaurant and a stylish and exciting part, with delicious delicacies such as pickled ginger tacos and Thai-loaded empanadas – this place is definitely worth a visit! The cocktail menu is one place in Zingo that does not mix its interests with Latin and Asian – so you should stick to its classic caipirin, martinis or sake. Zhengzhou is located on 781 7th St. NW (bet. 7 & H Sts.).

Tapaq Bistro (U Street Corridor) – One of the best new places in the capital, this five-storey restaurant features a restaurant, lounge area with several bars and a deadly rooftop terrace (for all season use and 360 degree panoramic views of the city). Embracing Mediterranean flavors from Turkey to Morocco, Tapas-style tapas offers a wonderful and elegant blend of taste and presentation. Be careful: you may experience some “attitude” at the door, because Tabaq really enforces a strict regime without jeans and doesn’t know sneakers, which was known to disturb some feathers. 1336 U St NW (Bet. 14 & U) was found.

Cabanas (Georgetown) – Cabanas offers upscale fare from Latin America, as well as the option to dine indoors or out, Cabanas is another option in the heart of Georgetown. Surrounded by palm trees and overlooking the harbor fountains, the outdoor patio is a place to see. The menu offers delicious options ranging from chili calamari and shrimp / scallops slices to fish tacos and corn / crab pies. Don’t miss the frozen mango margaritas! When the weather allows, try picking up an outside table. 3050 K Street NW (found at Thomas Jefferson).

Café La Ruche (Georgetown) – This old French-inspired favorite (opened since 1979), featuring contemporary artwork, flags and old photos scattered across the walls in this 19th-century building. The menu is known for some of the best cuisine I have ever tasted it, and the menu also offers traditional French favorites such as potatoes, leek soup and croquette monsette. Café La Ruche also offers good wines and great desserts – all of which can be eaten in the gorgeous garden-like outdoor seating area overlooking the cobblestone streets of Georgetown. Café La Ruche is located at 1039 31st Street NW (in M St. NW).

Tony and Joe Seafood (Georgetown) – an old institution that made the same waterfront, it is hard to imagine a better view around the capital on the banks of the Potomac River, this harbor spot (with views of the Kennedy Center, Key Bridge and Roosevelt Island, usually Packed with anyone who goes to the waterfront in G-town by boat or otherwise, every young American seems to find their way here for drinks after work and seafood. Try the hot crab dip, which always makes a good start. 3000 K St St NW (at 30).

Ciba (city center) – Latin inspiration guides the menu and decor in Ciba. Food is spread in Brazil, the Yucatan, the Caribbean and Cuba – while the décor features Mexican tiled floors and tropical frescoes. Set in the historic Colorado building (at 701 14th Street Northwest, on San Street), Ceiba features a dimly lit multi-level dining area filled with patrons who enjoy traditional Ceviche dishes in Latin America. Appetizers like Jamaican crab dumplings and geese liver served with corn cake should not be missed! Adding caipirinhas and authentic mojito – how can you go wrong?

The Palm (DuPont Circle) – Some institutions never change. If you can’t find a senator on Capitol Hill, it’s best to check Palm. This is where the strongest cities have long been their most loyal patrons. A place to negotiate and make deals on a famous (huge) steak like the signature martini restaurant! But you don’t need to be a politician to enjoy great food, waitresses with white jackets, dark suits and high heels here. Look out for Larry King and Tim Rosert, as they are known to appear. The Palm is located at 1225 19th Street NW (Bet. N & M Sts. NW).

Taste of Carolina (Shaw District) – You feel like Dixie-style dishes, but can’t make your way south? Try Southern food and hospitality at its best at Taste of Carolina Restaurant. This restaurant serves up to the south in a high-style, 2-storey house and bar that has been converted into a restaurant and bar. Representing some good foods, the menu offers a variety of options, from fried fish sandwiches and grilled chicken, to Homemade Pound Cake. The Taste of Carolina is certainly surprised at the happy hour, but the best seats in the house are on the windowsill. Keep in mind: you can also find karaoke, read poetry and live jazz on weekends. Taste of Carolina is located at 1930 9th Street SW (near T St. NW).

Sequoia Restaurant (Georgetown) – Stroll through the doors in Sequoia, walk to the land of beauty – beautiful decor (high ceilings, warm lighting and cherry wood), beautiful people (the elite city of well-healed) can be found here) and beautiful views (located directly on the waterfront Potomac). The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, three dining levels and a magnificent courtyard area – where singular cocktails are singled out under the white lights. The restaurant serves everything from luxurious burgers to Chilean sea bass. You should try duck pies and crab cakes. Jacket and tie required. Sequoia is located at 3000 K St. NW (in the 30th NW NW).

Old Ebbitt Grille (city center) – Founded in 1856, Old Ebbitt Grill is the city’s oldest dining salon. Located across from the White House (steps from museums in downtown Washington), Old Ebbitt offers traditional American cuisine and offers the largest selection of oysters in the area. Favorite by Presidents Grant, Cleveland, Harding and Roosevelt, Old Ebbitt offers casual dining with service to locals and visitors alike – always a popular meeting place for political insiders, journalists, celebrities and theater visitors. Old Ebbitt Grille is located at 675 15th Street, NW (between F and G).



Blockchain firm and XRP digital currency maker Ripley said its University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) has partnered with two Japanese higher education institutions. With the participation of Kyoto and Tokyo University, the initiative is now 33 strong.

UBRI aims to develop academic research in blockchain technology. Ripley hopes to deploy tomorrow’s developers and computer scientists with the necessary knowledge to support a vision for the future of the digital economy.

Educate Ripple Spreading Blockchain in Japan through UBRI
Ripley’s press release says the firm’s blockchain research initiative has expanded to Japan. The company’s latest partnership, the University of Kyoto and the University of Tokyo, are the first higher education institutions to join the nation.

The publication details that UBRI’s newest partners already have partnerships with Ripple at all levels of learning. Conducted workshops at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Human Resource Management, as well as funding for research projects exploring the use of the blockchain program in various global issues. This applies to a wide variety of fields of study, such as engineering, business and public policy.

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Specific topics studied include how blockchain remodeling, IDP systems, and supply chain management can be achieved.

Blockchain University
Ripley believes blockchain will be a vital technology in the future and will invest heavily in education.

Meanwhile, Tokyo University’s Department of Economics will host public workshops focusing on blockchain and settlement, along with various professor-organized research projects. They will focus on the developed financial system and its regulation approaches. The institute also grants scholarships to students who participate in blockchain research.


Asheville – a cosmopolitan city meets the luxury of the Getaway Mountain

When planning a vacation in North Carolina, Asheville is a must in your travel destination list. The attraction of the largest cities of North Carolina has become widespread, and Asheville has been described as “South Paris.” The New York Times called it “a surprisingly cosmopolitan city.”
What makes Asheville unique is that the humming of the city is a stone’s throw away from the wonderful outdoor adventure. Natural Geographic Adventure ranked Asheville first in every 10 cities for the region’s famous outdoor sports.
Charlotte, Raleigh / Durham and near Atlanta make Asheville an ideal holiday destination when planning a luxury mountain vacation or family vacation.
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Asheville boasts a wide range of accommodations. Everything from renting luxury apartments with 24-hour concierge service to traditional mountain sanctuaries. So, whether you are planning a company trip, a romantic trip, a golf vacation or a fishing trip, Asheville has something for everyone. Some accommodation is pet friendly. Try booking on weekdays to beat weekend crowds and receive more discounts.
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Asheville, North Carolina: Experience the best in mountain travel

Downtown Asheville is a pedestrian friendly city. The Blue Ridge Mountains are surrounded by its unique Art Deco skyline. With a population of 74,000, the city is home to the largest privately owned home in the United States, Biltmore Estate, and historic Grove Park Inn. Despite the availability of accommodation in both, most people visit these urban legends and choose to enjoy other Asheville hotels and luxury mountain theme parks.
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“The Biltmore Estate and Grove Park Inn are great places to visit, but I would rather look for more intimate accommodations, but they are still fine in their services,” said Marge Noser of New York, NY. Many accommodation offer discounted or supplementary tickets to attractions such as Biltmore Estate.
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A fun way to start your mountain travel experience is hiking through Asheville Urban Trail. This 1.7 mile self-guided tour stops at more than 30 stops throughout the downtown area. “This road gave me a grip on downtown locations in less than an hour,” said Howard Fortune, an Atlanta resident. “I came here for great outdoor activities, but I quickly learned my way around the city.”
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Downtown Asheville is composed primarily of independent companies. In today’s era of large-scale shopping malls, change is refreshing. Selective art galleries, small beers and cozy cafes can be found at every turn. Asheville is also a food-loving paradise and culinary offerings ranging from traditional Southern comfort food to four-star cuisine. “Asheville has food from all over the world,” said Bill Dickman, a retired chef from Raleigh.

Discover the Outdoors: A Perfect North Carolina Mountain Getaway Plan

When you leave the city center, the options are still many. The mountains surrounding Asheville and the four major rivers that encompass the area make this outdoor enthusiast refreshing. Take advantage of the travel concierge services at a luxury Asheville hotel. They can make dinner bookings, arrange tee times, schedule outdoor events, and more.
In summer, white water rafting, hiking in parts of the Appalachian Trail and fishing in one of hundreds of streams of trout, rainbow or cup brown trout are some of the most popular activities. Carl Danielson, a native of Charlotte, a golf and flying bird hunter, explains that he can survive in renting luxury condominiums with concierge services that guide him to some of the best trout trails east of the Mississippi River. “The next morning, I spent time at the golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus within minutes of my room.”
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Nearby tours include Chimney Rock State Park and Lure Lake in the south. To the west is the Great Smoky National Park and to the east is Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Rocky Mountains. Located in the north, Blowing Rock and Grandfather Mountain are filled with natural wonders that promise to promote any romantic plan for a family vacation or family vacation.
Asheville is a year-round playground. The holiday season is full of light festivals, Inn tours, great locations at Biltmore House, exceptional shopping and the famous Gingerbread House at Grove Park Inn. Winter brings skiers and snowboarders to the area, and spring is a great time to explore the beautiful gardens of the North Carolina Arboretum.
So, the next time you plan a weekend in the mountains or a long stay, think of Asheville where its slogan is “altitude affects the situation”.


Take a city break in Charlotte, North Carolina

When it comes to weekends in the United States, many people find it convenient to go to the most obvious option: after all, city destinations like New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia or Miami offer great holidays and guaranteed fun when you’re looking For a short break away from your daily routine. However, for a holiday in the city with a difference, it is important to think outside the box. For example, why not take a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to savor the authentic heritage of South America’s rich history?
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Whatever kind of city you are looking for – whether it is a romantic holiday for two, a golf holiday with boys or a fun cultural holiday for the whole family – Charlotte can offer. As a pivotal site during the American Revolution, Charlotte was known by many British soldiers as the “nest of rebellion”, and the city’s long historical heritage became evident at every turn. For example, you still find horseback riding and camper in the upper part of Charlotte – a testament to the colonial history of the city and an excellent way for travelers of all ages to appreciate the impressive Queen Anne Charlotte in the 19th century. Architectural Engineering.
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If you are planning a vacation in Charlotte, you will find a range of attractions and interesting sites to entertain you. If you’re traveling with your kids, why not visit the Charlotte Children’s Theater – one of the best youth hostels in the country? Discovery Place (Science Museum, IMAX dome Theater) and ImaginOn – a sophisticated children’s educational library and theater – are popular attractions for families.
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When you’re looking for a break from the busy attractions of Charlotte, you’ll find plenty of wild botanical gardens and outdoor wildlife to enjoy – whether you’re looking for some tranquility with a partner or you’re keen to show your family the wonders of the world. Visit the University of North Carolina at the Charlotte Botanical Gardens to sample the buzz of higher education in Charlotte, or take a trip to the Carolina Raptor Center – a site for conservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey. If that’s not enough, don’t miss the Daniel Stow Botanical Gardens, which span 111 acres, Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary.
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Charlotte also houses a variety of cultural highlights, including the Charlotte Comedy Theater, the Blumenthal Center for the Performing Arts, the Afro-American Cultural Center, and the historic Lata Farm – a former cotton farm that now serves as a farm for living history. Alternatively, visit the famous Mint Museums, two separate facilities dedicated to the display of fine art, or stop at Kings Mountain National Military Park, the site of a decisive battle in the Revolutionary War.
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In addition, Charlotte has a range of sports teams, including Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Knights, Charlotte Eagles and Charlotte Bobcats. If you’re a passionate basketball fan with tickets to Charlotte Bobcats, you’ll find plenty of hotels in Charlotte, North Carolina that offer suitable accommodation. So while you’re in town, make sure to visit a wide variety of city attractions – you are sure to find something that interests you!


Golf Information on Myrtle Beach

South Carolina is a nice place to go to play golf. Golfers around the world enjoy a visit to Myrtle Beach. The area is home to some of the most popular courses made by top designers. With the name Myrtle Beach often known as the most hot spots for golfers, it is always full of holidaymakers and players.
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People love the area for landscapes, climate and a variety of course. From location to tourist attractions and resorts, it is a great place for players of all levels of experience. Not only is it family-friendly, but there are many affordable options for travel. Below are some information about the area, some of the best courses, resorts, and how to make traveling there the ultimate affordable.
Find Cheap Hotels Nearby
Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach is where you will find beachfront courses and hotels in the area. Courses throughout the Grand Strand and more within the city. There are 120 different courses to visit, each offering a unique challenge. You’ll find training courses available to all levels of players along with a number of mini golf courses. You’ll also find that most courses are available for public play.
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The Arcadian Shores Golf Club is a popular course. Designed by architect Reese Jones and has been in existence since 1974. The course presents a challenge that can be enjoyed by all skill levels of golfers. There are 18 holes, a pro shop and The Grill Room on campus. Add lakes, trees and sandy bunkers to the design and create a game of stunning views.
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The Legends Golf and Resort has a wonderful indoor playground called Heathland Stadium. In 2008, this course was voted “South Carolina as the Best Training Course Near You # 12” and appeared in the Golf Magazine. Designed by Tom Doak, there are 18 holes to enjoy at Heathland Stadium. It is a beautiful path that is not drained by a dense amount of plants. Opened in 1990, it is a traditional course that has some dramatic twists to its design.
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These are just two of the many excellent courses in Myrtle Beach. Easy to find information about golf area. Even when booking a trip, you can find many different package deals with all the top courses and prefab accommodation.
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Each course will be fully disclosed on the travel website with information on size, designer, any prizes won, name, year of foundation, amenities and restaurants owned, green type, and more. Booking as a bargain deal can save golfers a great deal of money in tournaments and accommodation.


Golf tours in South Africa

South Africa is a leading global golf destination thanks to world-famous golf courses designed by some of the best names in golf. This includes several distinct golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Ernie Els, Anika Surinstam, Nick Price and Retief Goosen.
Safari Golf in South Africa is easy to book with daily flights to all major cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban from around the world. There are also a large number of the best international travel and tourism agencies offering regular golf trips to some of the best resorts around the country.
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More than just golf offering a South African golf safari

Play golf at some of the most inspiring locations in Africa and enjoy a 5-star stay at leading hotels and resorts. When you’re not on the pitch, players can also take advantage of stunning wildlife and miles of sunny beaches that are part of some of South Africa’s best golf courses.
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Have a golf tour your way

Thanks to the many golf holidays available in South Africa, holidays can be customized to suit individuals, couples and even groups ranging from a handful of people to entire companies. The choice is limitless!
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Why South Africa Golf Vacation?
South Africa offers all its visitors, with its beautiful beaches, a wonderful climate and countless tourist attractions that go hand in hand with some of the best golf courses in the world. It also allows golf enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy high-quality nature reserves, award-winning wine farms, historical monuments and natural wonders that are nowhere else on earth.
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South Africa also offers audiences a number of different tour options that include, but are not limited to:

Self Tour Driving Golf Options
Guided golf holidays
Golf and Wine Vacations
Self Catering Golf Vacations
Golf Safari
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In addition to SA-coated holiday options, most holiday operators also offer customized golf trip packages for players who know where they want to go. These packages often include VIP access to specific reasons at premium international rates.
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South Africa’s most popular golf resorts

The most popular golf holiday resorts are in Cape Town and the surrounding wine regions. However, the stunning Garden Route and KwaZula Natal’s tropical and wild coastline in Kruger National Park also offer great golfing holidays for players from all over the world.

Mozambique – where the sunny sky is Aqua Blue

Located on the southeast coast of the continent, Mozambique is considered One of the coastal jewels of Africa . Famous for it Crystalline blue water The magnificent coral reefs and their amazing diversity of marine life.

This former Portuguese colony, unique A melting pot of diverse cultures , Is a major attraction for travelers looking for an African adventure experience.

Mozambique, devastated by the bloody 17-year civil war since the end of the war in 1992, is actively rebuilding itself. This has begun to open A range of travel opportunities For visitors eager to get a taste of this African tropical paradise .

Great neighborhood

Bordered by Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, Mozambique is an ideal base for travelers hoping to explore these countries as well. Similarly, a visit to Mozambique can easily be integrated into a tour to any of these countries.

Roaming around

The road network in Mozambique is reasonable Well established Most major roads are maintained regularly.

Most major centers and popular areas are Accessible by dual-drive vehicles . Of course 4×4 offers a special feature It opens up a range of other travel possibilities. over there Many car rental companies In Maputo, to meet the needs of the traveler interested in a self-driving holiday.

If you prefer extra comfort and safety to stand by a professional, there are a number of Private minibus operators And reliable public transport companies operating in the main centers.

If you want to experience Mozambique travel as part of A more comprehensive African experience -Packages offered by wild adventure travel companies are a good choice. Typically, these companies put together land tours, which Pass through a number of countries It offers travelers a unique opportunity to enjoy a varied African travel experience.

Climate and weather

Mozambique is enjoying Warm tropical climate With an average temperature of about 20s (° C) high range. The atmosphere is warm and sunny all year round, and is perfect for enjoying the utmost magic of the country.

The Summer months , From October to April, is often hot and humid rainy from April to September Winter months Cooler, drier and more comfortable for visitors who are unfamiliar with the heat and humidity usually associated with a warm season in the tropics.

This does not mean that you should not start traveling to Mozambique during the summer, as actual temperatures and precipitation vary by region within the country. Top lying The provinces of Nampula and Niassa are the coolest , While the The northeastern coastal areas are the hottest . The northern region receives much more rainfall than the south.

If you hope to Mozambique Safari Experiment Best time of year to visit Is about The end of the winter months . This dry season usually sees animals gathering in larger groups than they do in the summer. View the summer months Excellent fishing opportunities With the largest fish that fill the coastal waters during this time of year.

Diving in Mozambique

Mozambique A world famous diving site With many wonderful coral reefs that support An amazing collection of marine life . The relatively warm water temperature and a large number of interesting creatures, including dugongs, sharks, dolphins, whales and shallow fish make Awesome diving experience .

The most popular area among diving enthusiasts The Bazaruto Archipelago , Consisting of four islands; Bazaruto, Benguera, Margoc and Santa Carolina. Coral reefs, sidewalks and clear blue waters provide what is considered The best snorkeling and diving in Africa . If your trip to Mozambique will be limited to only one destination in the country, this group of islands should be.


The currency unit is Metical . Made mid-2006, this Relatively new currency Used together with the elderly Mitikai , Which is being phased out. In the southern parts of the country South African Rand, US Dollar and British Pound They are also accepted. In the north, the US dollar and sterling are widely accepted.
Credit cards are accepted to some extent , But only before Larger hotels or companies Specially geared towards tourists. In general, it should be assumed that your credit card will not be easily accepted.

Health precautions

Mozambique Malaria risk zone , So visitors should take appropriate precautions.
To reduce the risk of mosquitoes, travelers are advised to wear long sleeves and trousers when possible and use an effective mosquito repellent on exposed skin.
Treated mosquito netting The doors and windows of your accommodation should be used and checked to prevent mosquitoes from leaving. A fan or air conditioner can also help reduce mosquito activity at night to some extent.

Also important is the use of An effective drug to combat malaria . Be careful that some medications cause side effects, so consult your doctor or travel clinic before you intend to be at risk to make sure you are adequately protected.

With a painful history of war and destruction, Mozambique has rebuilt itself and looks to the future by capitalizing on them Natural Beauty .
Whether you're traveling, adventure or the perfect eco-tourist experience, Mozambique is a great place The perfect tropical destination This will not disappoint. It's really a slice of paradise.

Beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is a very large urban area. For tourism purposes, the only relevant sections of San Juan discussed in this article are Old San Juan, Puerto de Tierra, Condado, Ocean Park and the neighboring Isla Verde neighborhood of Carolina.

Beach rules


Tourists are often surprised at the suitability of alcohol in San Juan. Alcohol (beer in particular) is sold at almost every beach. Beach goers often bring beer, wine and cocktails to the beach. It is not only legal to drink on public beaches, but is licensed by the city.


There is no nudity in Puerto Rico. There are no "special" or isolated areas to engage in such behavior in San Juan.


There are no rules regarding the volume of music or the use of electronic equipment on the beach. The only limitations are those that are self-imposed by taste and literature.


Old San Juan

Old San Juan lies on a cliff facing north, and is lined with a port in the south. The only public beach is located at the foot of San Cristobal. This beach is rocky, uncomfortable and not easily accessible. Moreover, it is adjacent to two neighborhoods (La Perla and Puerto de Tierra). This beach should probably be avoided by non-residents who do not know Puerto Rico's culture.

Puerto de Tierra

Located by the lake and the seashore, Caribe Hilton is popular with locals. Since the area has bathroom facilities, ample parking and easy access to the motorway, this beach (Escambron) is very popular with locals. Tourists rarely tour this beach, which is often disoriented and usually Puerto Rico. It is not dangerous during the day, but caution should be exercised during the night due to its distance and proximity to the Puerto de Tierra ghetto.


Condado has many noteworthy beaches. The first is Playita, a closed lake on the edge of Condado Bridge. The lake extends around the bay separating Miramar from Condado, and is famous for its rowing, canoeing and lake-like tranquility. Playita is ideal for young children and is completely safe day or night.

The beach next to La Concha is famous for the corridor that partially surrounds the beachfront. Chairs are available, and on Sundays the nearby Ventana del Mar festivals add excitement to the area. Warning: The tides between La Concha and growing up behind the Presby Hospital have reaped lives in the past. This area is excellent for wading and swimming near the beach, but caution should be exercised due to frequent protrusions. This beach is also referred to for its surfers and bodyboarders due to its high regular wave breaks.

The Gay Beach is located in front of Oceano and Atlantic Beach Hotel, next to La Concha. This section of San Juan beach has been a favorite of gay people for decades. Riptides sometimes pose a problem here too.

The last part of the beach stretches behind the Marriott's rocky rubbish. There is a surf area just behind the Marriott, but hikers must browse the rocks to enjoy the waves. The beaches of Condado are quite safe in the daytime and are usually very safe at night.

Ocean Park

The beaches of Ocean Park are the best in San Juan. The seashore begins at the prominence behind the Presby Hospital, and after 100 feet of hidden rock barriers, it extends to the tranquil and tropical beachfront. The long beach front has volleyball nets, palm trees and mobile vendors (ice cream, beer, caburias and gentle waves). The area east of the Presby Hospital is another surfers' favorite. The beaches of Ocean Park are completely safe during the day, so be careful at night because there is no lighting and traffic.

Ultimo Wagon

Located between Verde Island and Ocean Park are other local favorites. Ultimo Trolley has been named from its location as the last stop in the now isolated San Juan wagon, featuring ample parking and street vendors. The nearby Jazzo and Sports Square hosts salsa bands, performers, athletes and other locals who visit the beach all day long. You should avoid the area at night.

Verde Island

Verde Island is technically located in the city of Carolina. The crescent-shaped beach front is lined by luxury resorts and hotels. The area is famous for its quiet waves and safety. The one-mile seaside ends at El Ambique, a local favorite restaurant with two bars and restaurants overlooking the beach area. Isla Verde has a banana boat rental, massage chairs and a range of other amenities for those looking for luxury.


San Juan is special because it is one of a handful of world cities in the world that can boast a tropical waterfront. San Juan has three miles of pristine tropical beaches that are quite public. A variety of beaches provide opportunities for everyone from children to thrill seekers.

Pierce Hill, Private Eye: The Deadly Honeymoon

It was 7:30 pm on Saturday, where Pierce Hill was taken to the back of the Dalia Club. Sitting on a table made of mahogany, flowing from a thin green bottle and sometimes leaning back to blow smoke rings, Pierce waited patiently for the dinner date. It was in 1945 in South Beach in Miami. Tropical plants adorn the room that was located opposite the large open arches that led to a rooftop ballroom. A white blue light from the hotel lit a sign across the street faithfully bounced off the wall, filled the cigarette smoke room, and heard the sirens in the streets below. They cried, but not as much as Pierce used to work as a detective for the murder department at the Boston Police Department.

Police chief Davin Laporte tried unsuccessfully to force him to stay, and it has been only a few months since Pierce retired from his job in Boston, where he served for twenty years effortlessly. Enjoy the dark nights in a tough city, missed the days of wicked hunt without having to fill all the paperwork. Endless boring leaves. This was a big difference between his job in Boston and he became the owner of his own investigative agency in downtown Miami, and the paperwork seems to have never ended. Yes, there were times when he managed to take to the streets alongside Johnny Pattini, his mid-1920s interrogator, but most were stuck in the old brick office he rented on the second floor of a dilapidated building in downtown Miami.

He did not retire early so that he could fulfill his dream of owning his own investigative agency, although he often convinced himself that this was the reason. Pierce Hill retired until he was closer to the woman received by the doorman. She was wearing a black hat, a long black skirt with a red blouse decorated with flowers, a shiny red lips, and black high-heeled peep-toe shoes. Pierce's jaw dropped. He knew her five years ago and his jaw always fell.

Elizabeth! Pierce walked out as Fedora waved over his head, "I'm here!"

Elizabeth Booth was the most beautiful and smartest woman he ever met, and did not resemble most of the 53-year-old women at the time. One way or another, all the pressures that came with those years did not cease to age as most women were. There were no wrinkles under her eyes, and her skin made her look younger than 15 or 20 years old. She stood about five feet tall and weighed fifteen bucks.

Elizabeth walks to Pierce, following her move near the rhythm on a heavy wooden floor as she approaches.

"I don't think I've been here since 1942, and he's falling to some extent," shouted Elizabeth, carrying half an empty glass of beer next to her.

"Don't be ridiculous," Pierce replied. "We had drinks here less than 6 months ago, when I told you I was retiring."

"It may be true. However, I don't understand how in 1945 these places are still not taken care of," she said, leaning and pierce a kiss on his cheek. "How are you, Pierce?"

"Oh, I'm better off than I was a few minutes ago, and now that I've come," Pearce said, "I tried not to look excited to see her.

The truth was that Pierce had a lot in his mind today. His troublesome case was filed by Johnny Pattini, who seemed to be steeped in all the work that was put on his desk.

"In fact," Pierce continued, "I have a condition that my lucky happy assistant is feeling too much for. In the past two weeks, two women have been killed near Winter Beach. They were on their honeymoon and their husbands seemed to be completely disconnected.

You can tell Elizabeth when Pierce was only creating a conversation, and when he was actually struggling with an issue. The salt and pepper drinker he always carried seemed to be a little more pure when he was having trouble working.

"This reminds me of my case in 1940 in Boston, when three teenage boys drowned in exactly the same place in Boston Harbor. None of the boys was connected in any way except their age. He was involved, and no one could find any clues. He turned out to be reckless about his childhood and needed to get her out of someone who was already enjoying his youth. ”

Pierce stopped for a moment, hoping Elizabeth would give some encouragement, which she always did.

"So, do you think this might be some kind of random violence directed at newlyweds?" She replied.

"Exactly, the only problem is that I have no idea where to start looking for this man. In both cases, husbands had left their hotel for a few minutes, and when they returned their wives were shot in the back of the head with a .22 caliber. He leaves no evidence at all. No fingerprints, no identity, nothing, ”Pierce told her.

"Where exactly did all this happen, Pierce?" Elizabeth asked, intriguingly.

It took Pierce a minute to remember the names of the two hotels where the murders took place. The reason for this is that Pierce focused on the long, dark strip of dark hair that fell out of place and was completely hanging over Elizabeth's magnificent eyes. They took him back to the day they met on a passenger ship from New York Harbor in the late 1930s.

"One was at the Mangrove Inn, the other at the Hurricane Hotel," Pierce answered the question, once he remembered what the conversation was about. "Why did you ask that?" Is complete.

"I know the owners of most hotels in Winter Beach," replied Elizabeth. "Actually, Lisa Porter is the owner of each of those hotels I just mentioned. Have you talked to her yet?"

Pierce shook his head. He was unable to contact Ms. Porter, but not because of not trying. Every time he turned the phone on the phone to call her, he only heard the ringing on the other end.

"She seems out of town and I have no way to contact her," Pierce said. "How do you own two hotels, the scene of two different killings, that make you unavailable to the local police?"

"Well, maybe you're not trying to make a big enough effort, Pierce said," said Elizabeth, with a broad smile on her face. "Stop by my office tomorrow at 1:30 and I'll ask you to call her on the phone."

Pierce was not the kind of person who trusted others to fulfill what they had promised, but he always knew that Elizabeth could be relied on. In addition, she was in touch with almost everyone in South Florida.

As the conversation drew to a close, Pierce and Elizabeth spent the rest of the evening watching everything from their favorite films and some post-war politics and news.

The next day, at 1:20, Pierce Hall arrived at the local college where Elizabeth Booth was a professor of English. When Pierce entered Elizabeth's office, he noticed how easy it was to get through and find her office. This was much different from the first time he visited Elizabeth in her apartment. Security in South Beach during the war was impossible to navigate, especially where Elizabeth lived. The streets were not only lined with police officers, but military uniforms were found in most corners near her neighborhood.

As Pierce walked into Elizabeth's office, he began to say something but noticed that she was on the phone.

"Here is Lisa, he just entered. I'll hand over the phone to him and I'm sure he has some questions for you," Elizabeth said over the phone. She continued handing over the phone to Pierce. "She's Lisa Porter, the hotel owner I was telling me last night. She was at her beach house in Carolina, but I managed to track down a number of my colleagues."

"Hello Mrs. Porter, how are you?"

“Well, Mr. Hill, I would have been better off to know that my investment was the site of my murder. Pierce was unable to listen to the ultra-clear sound that Ms. Porter was.

"I'm sorry for all the hype Mrs. Porter, but I was wondering if you could give us some help. Do you have any idea who would have been this? Someone has access to the rooms in both hotels?"

Lisa replied: "The only person who has access to all of my hotels is the cleaning boy." Well, he's not really a boy. Skip Daniels is his name, he's 35 years old and awfully. Strange, but it leaves those rooms shining. "

After a few minutes of conversation, Pierce collected the contact information for Skip Daniels and thanked Ms. Porter for her help. Then Pierce thanked Elizabeth and told her he was going to look for the clean boy. Pierce and Elizabeth argued in the next few minutes because Elizabeth felt she would be wanted in this task and Peres never wanted to put women, especially Elizabeth, at risk. However, as usual, Elizabeth won the argument and headed for an apartment that skipped Daniels in downtown Pierce Coupe Dodge 1938.

When they arrived at the running complex, which seemed to be part of the bombing in Nazi Germany, Pierce and Elizabeth marched to section 5, the apartment where Skip Daniels lived.

Pierce knocked the old wooden door for several minutes unanswered.

"Just break it, Pierce," Elizabeth said categorically. However, she kicked the door as hard as she could, knocking out the hinges.

"I think that's the way to do it," said Pierce, a little surprised by her strength.

As they walked into the apartment, Pierce made sure that his police pistol.38 was close at hand. This was not noticed, but Elizabeth took a different route through the kitchen as Pierce headed towards the bedroom.

The apartment looked empty until Pierce walked into the busy bedroom. Black and white pictures of beautiful women are lined on the cracked bedroom walls. Pearce was almost disgusted with the number of posters. Each of them had a note written on it, and they seemed to be love letters from a dysfunctional man. As Pierce continued his way through the bedroom, he heard someone breathe from the closet. Pierce opened the closet and saw a man wearing only boxer shorts gathering in the corner.

"Skip Daniels, I suppose?" Buy Pierce trough online!

"You don't have anything one to me!" The man shouted. "You don't know me! You don't know what I went through! These guys don't deserve to have these women in their lives!"

Later, without warning, Skip Daniels jumped toward Pierce Hall and grabbed his gun from the wallet. A gun battle ensued. Pierce has always been able to deal with criminals in the past, but his body was in its infancy. He took his right hook to his left eye and immediately felt a crack in his bones.

At that moment, Elizabeth heard shouting, "Come down from him! Come down from him, mushy! Come down or go!"

Pierce never saw Elizabeth carrying a weapon, but she seemed to know how to use it. Apparently she heard the battle and stepped in to help Pierce. When she saw the gun lying on the ground, she picked it up and captured the position.

Because local police took Skip Daniels to court for trial, Pierce was able to gather a lot of information about the man's history in his apartment. It seems as if Scape has recently suggested to his old girlfriend, but he will be rejected. It seems that she was cheating on him with another man and Scape felt he had lost what was right.

"I think he will go away," said Pierce, weary of the excitement today.

"Yes, and you have to thank him for his survival," Elizabeth told him in a realistic tone.

"You know, Elizabeth Booth, will make your eye especially good and your resistance useless!"

With these spoken words, Pierce took Elizabeth to his car and took her to her home. He only knew that this would be the first of many cases in which he would rely on Elizabeth Booth to help bring criminals to justice.

A guided tour of the Eastern White Mountains in New Hampshire

1. Appalachian Mountains:

Roughly 2,000 miles from Newfoundland, Canada, to Alabama in the United States, the Appalachian Mountains – or the eastern counterpart to the Rocky in the west – form a natural barrier between the North American coastal plain and inland lowlands. It is divided into three physiographic regions in the north, center and south, and includes several ranges.

Consisting of metamorphic rocks formed by catastrophic eruptions, intense heat and fracture pressure during the pre-Cambrian period, which ranged from 1.1 billion to 540 million years ago, Appalachians formed some of the planet's oldest mountains. It escalates during the crustal eruptions at the end of the Paleozoic era (about 250 million years ago), and was formed when internal structures deteriorated with unimaginable proportions strains on subterranean rocks, which were crystallized and then folded, engaged and cracked, before being addressed by lifting in some Sometimes to the parallel hills. Secondary forms and chisel, produced by water, ice and weather over thousands of years, produced valleys and valleys, at a time when most animal species still existed.

When the Earth's forces retreated, it left the highest peak, reaching 6,684 feet, in North Carolina today in the form of Mount Mitchell.

2. White Mountains:

New Hampshire was barely neglected when it came to excel in height. Indeed, its part of the Appalachian mountain range, the White Mountains, has overwhelmed the sky with 48 peaks considered "four thousand footers", at least 5,000 feet high, and the crown of its kingdom, Mount Washington, which is 6228 feet high, the longest peak In the whole northeast.

Glaciation formed deep mountain passes that early settlers called "cracks" because they resembled the shapes they made in wood with axes, while cirques produced valleys, such as Mount Washington Tacerman and Mount Adam. King valleys.

Man also had one hand and sometimes harmful in forming the New Hampshire section of the Appalachians. Planned in their arboreal style due to logging fears that bought most of the land and then reduced it to small plots using 1832 saws for the pre-transport area by rail, they left them naked until the Weeks Act was signed and allowed in 1914 to buy back the original 7,000 acres.

Subsequent purchases, in addition to the prohibition of entry in designated land areas, ensured the creation of 800,000 acres of the White Mountain National Forest, which today bears the slogan "Land of many uses".

One of the hallmarks of the state is its presidential sphere, whose name, as its name suggests, is named for presidents and other prominent Americans.

Abundant wildlife ranges from deer, mouse, black bears, bobcat, gray foxes, gambling, beaver, copperfish, raccoon and 184 species of birds, including burgers.

Although his protected state restricts his use, this restriction does not apply to his enjoyment, as his chances are plentiful and vary depending on the season.

The abundant snowfall natural dimension in postcards and rudimentary sports balls during the winter, for example, attract tourists, tourists, athletes and enthusiasts, as mountains lend their sides and summits to global resorts that facilitate a range of activities, including skiing on the Alps and across the country , Snowboarding, snow tubes, snowboarding, snowboarding, snowboarding, snowboarding, ice fishing, canine skiing, and even a freezing waterfall climbing.

The area, inflamed by color, becomes an endless painting of impressionist paintings in the fall, becoming a magnet for photographers, peepers and nature experts. The peek of the colors depends on the time, height and tree type. Red maple, for example, peaks at low altitudes in mid-September, while beech, maple, sugar and shrubs reach this level a month after less than 2,000 feet. This peak occurs early, at the beginning of October, between 2000 and 3,500 feet, and yellow birch, mountain maple and mountain ash glow with a color intensity in mid-September between 3,500 and 5,500 feet.

However, the peaks of the region reach their highest levels during the summer tourism season when its 20 scenes provide natural scenery, links to the railway past, family amusement parks and outdoor activities.

3. Orientation:

The White Mountains of New Hampshire, located in the northern part of the state, are easily accessible, with Route 16, Highway 93 and Route 3 providing travel from north to south, roads 2, 302 and 112, cutting the area east-west.

4. White Mountain Scenes:

a. On Route 2:

Open from May to December, Santa Village, located in Jefferson, New Hampshire, is a Christmas-themed garden that allows children to visit the bearded man in a red suit in July, feed reindeer, and enjoy 19 different people riding and activities, including cars Antique, barley log archives, flying sleigh, Jingle Bells Express train, roller coaster, water park. Live 3D shows are offered at the Polar Theater, and Burgermeister Food Court offers a range of items for lunch, including the opportunity to decorate gingerbread cookies.

Single-day and seasonal permits allow unlimited use of rides, shows and attractions in the park.

Six Gun City and Fort Splash is another family-oriented entertainment city in Jefferson accessible through Route 2, but with a Western focus. Open between May and September, it enables its visitors to “ride, slide and play all day” on tourist attractions including go-karts, lasers, water slides, bumper boats, sawmill rides, mechanical theater trainers, and gold rush runaway train boats.

Children can earn a deputy badge from the corporal or move to the other side of the law and get pictures adorning the required stickers.

The Transportation Museum displays more than a hundred antique carriages and sleds, including the oldest Concorde.

Children can double (soft drinks) at Six Gun Saloon or have lunch at the Grub House restaurant in Grabby. Cowboy clothes and gifts can be purchased at Trading Post and the general store.

Featuring a private pool, Fort Jefferson Campground offers 100 locations, from tents to full connections.

B. On Route 302:

Challenging humanity to overcome its climax, the peak of 6,228 feet, and counting Darby Field as the first to do so successfully when he climbed to the summit in 1652 with the help of two Indian guides, Mount Washington did not stop attracting people to repeat its success. However, the current tourist can do more easily, faster and more conveniently using the Mount Washington Cog Railway.

When Sylvester Marsh, a native of Compton, New Hampshire and a Chicago meat businessman, followed in the footsteps of Field 200 years later and became stuck in the mountain because of a life-threatening snowstorm, he pledged to employ a method that would eliminate the inherent risks of climb and make it accessible to anyone. .

He got a charter for a mountaineering railway line, his concept was initially laughed by a New Hampshire legislature, and was accompanied by the currently famous words that "maybe he builds a railway to the moon", invented technology that included a small, geared, serrated wheel under the locomotive intertwined with stairs Installed between a small track and allows the engine to pull itself up 37.41 percent.

It succeeded in reaching its noble goal and rise in 1869, and has been operating ever since. It is a national historical landmark, the second largest rail system in the world and the oldest still in operation.

Mount Washington Cog Railroad, accessible via the six-mile primary road next to Fabyan Station from Route 302, can be reached for a three-hour round trip from its Marshfield station to the summit by steam and biodiesel locomotives between May and October and trips Halfway for one hour in November and December. All trains consist of a propulsion engine and a single passenger trainer.

Apart from featuring a ticket office. A self-catering restaurant called Catalano in Cog; and the gift shop, the station itself offers a glimpse of early rail technology through the Cog Museum and outdoor performances, which include the first mountaineering locomotive.

Views from the rocky, wind-blown Monscape include mountain peaks in the northern presidential run, and passengers can visit the Sherman Adams summit building. Mount Washington Observatory The Tip-Top House, National Historic Landmarks; and the Summit Office, where the world's highest wind speed of 231 mph was recorded.

A short distance from Mount Washington Cog Railroad on Route 302 in Bretton Woods, another well-known attraction is Mount Washington Resort.

This large white-faced red-roofed mansion, one of the region's major hotels, is built between green forests and permanently under the mountain itself, and was built between 1900 and 1902. A native of New Hampshire, who had accumulated his fortune in the coal mining industry And with the Pennsylvania Railroad, in the Spanish Renaissance style.

He built 250 Italian craftsmen, who applied fine detail to woodwork and construction, and included a rare steel frame, innovative heating, electric power systems, plumbing and private telephone systems, as well as the post office that still exists, turning the forest into luxury in the form of the finest hotels. Great.

Works at 350, opened its doors on July 28, 1902, to meet wealthy guests from the Northeast and celebrities and notable personalities, including Thomas Edison, Pep Roth, Joan Crawford, Princess Margaret, and three US presidents, who were all reaching the area up To 50 trains a day that served three local stations.

In 1944, it hosted the Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference, at which delegates from 44 countries set up the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, set the gold standard at $ 35.00, and set the US dollar as the backbone of international exchange.

In 1978, the hotel was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and nine years later he was appointed as a National Historic Landmark by the Ministry of Interior.

Echoing its century-old elegance, it has a 900-foot-floor veranda and the "Great Hall" lobby, which features high ceilings and rock heaters.

Other noisy echoes revolve around afternoon tea in her Princess Room, five-star meals in the dining room, snacks at Stickney Restaurant, cocktails at Rosebrook Bar, Verandah, Cave operator – elevator, trolley tours Taken by earth hoses, surrounded by the peaks of White Mountain and Crawford Notch.

A 25,000-square-foot spa with 13 treatment rooms and two comfortable golf courses, including the nine-hole Mount Pleasant Course, which opened in 1895, and the 18-hole Mount Washington Stadium, which was redesigned to 1915 Donald Ross.

Owned by Omni, Bretton Arms Inn is a bed and breakfast.

Across route 302 from the Fabyan restaurant, Bretton Woods Ski Resort is located in Mount Rosebrook. It features 433 acres of skiing and snowboarding, 101 alpine tracks, 100 kilometers of north trails, four terrain parks, night skiing, an umbrella tour with ten earthquake lines, two sky bridges and three Rabel stations.

Other than snowboarding, winter activities include snowboarding, sledding, ice tubing, ice skating, ice skating and ice climbing, while summer sports include hiking, cycling, swimming, flying fishing, tennis and cycling.

Dining options include the Lucy Crawford dining restaurant, the Slopeside Inn at the Main Inn and the Quad O # 39 at the top.

To the east on Route 302, Crawford Notch State Park.

It was discovered in 1771 when Timothy Nash, a Lancaster fisherman, discovered a gap while tracing Moss on Mount Cherry, and Governor John Wentworth promised its territory if he could ride a horse and build a road through it – he finally achieved it, despite important topographical obstacles.

The area itself was named after the Crawford family, its first settlers. Establishing a hostel for travelers and faking the first road above Mount Washington, they conducted climbing campaigns.

New Hampshire thwarted most of the local land in 1913, after frustrating the region's excessive deforestation, calling it a public park. Its area of ​​5775 acres now includes mountain peaks that border the Saco River valley.

Apart from picnics, fishing and hiking, it offers two short paths for easy walking: the half-mile Pond Loop Trail leads to views of the pond itself, while the one-mile Sam Willey Trail follows the Saco River. Stretches and separate paths lead to the fall of Ripley and Arethosa.

Attitash Mountain Resort, 2350 feet high, is east but still on Route 302. Apart from standard winter sports shows, it opened its doors to summer activities in 1976 with a slide more than one mile long, accessible from Germany. Which feature rolling slopes and S. flips.

Gradually added attractions now include two-person cars on the rail that fly at an altitude of 2280 feet and not Easter Mountain Coaster, with 360 ° rings; a trampoline climbing wall; water slides; mountain bike rides; and 1700 feet Scenic chairlift ride.

Tickets for adults and children per day, noon and single ride allow visitors to improve their experience.

At the foot of the 2050-foot Bear Peak, Attitash Grand Summit Hotel and Crawford Restaurant are located, while Attitash Mountain Village is across Route 302.

Jim on Route 16:

Although the Cog railway allows the west side to reach the top of the mountain, Mount Washington Auto Road offers an alternative, self-driving side.

It traces its origins to the originally designated Mount Washington Carriage Road, which was the country's first man-made tourist attraction when it opened on August 8, 1861, and allows motorists to "walk on the highway", where it advertises itself by Access to the same from Route 16 in Binghamham Notch.

Located at its base, Great Glen Lodge features a restaurant and the adjacent Douglas A. Philbrook Red Barn Museum, the last horse and hay barn that was an integral part of the Carriage Road launch. It features a range of restored vehicles, buggies and buggies. And cars that once followed the summit of the summit.

The basic fees for entering Auto Road include the car, its driver, a cassette tour or CD, and the famous fame, "This car has climbed to Mount Washington:" The bumper sticker, the vehicles are climbing from 1,543 to 6228 feet, with a height increase between 594 and 880 feet. Per mile, while crossing the 7.6 mile road. They have access to the same views of the summit and historic buildings as their railroad counterparts.

A short walk from Auto Road on Route 16, Wildcat Mountain is itself a sister attraction of Attitash. Its 49 tracks, reached by New England's strongest four-wheel lifts, include the 2.75-mile-long Polcat Trail for beginners, the 2112-foot Lynx Trail for the broker, and the Wildcat Trail for experts.

Summer activities include Wildcat Mountain Express Skyride. Climbing to the top of the 4,062-foot Wildcat Mountain during their 15-minute journey, the four-person gondola travels at first, and ultimately, the vast waves of green tsunami that include the White Mountains, Tuckerman Ravine, Lion Head and Raymond Blackout. The eye lens, Mount Washington, and Huntington Raven amidst distant spots, but that are still visible, sugar dust and peak dripping spots, even in the summer.

Because of an erection-based evergreen brush, which resembles forest rangers, who guard the forests, as they approach from the top, they open their doors and emit from pine bushes, as if the passenger was deposited in his local nursery on the occasion of the annual Christmas tree spree. Thin and fresh air is 10 degrees cooler than at the base.

One sign reads immediately: "You are standing on part of the Appalachian Corridor," which Congress designated as "a national tourist route in 1968". Extending over 2140 miles from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Kattahin, Maine, it crosses 14 states, eight national forests, six national park areas and many state lands.

The short path to the edge of the summit offers views of the eastern slope of the White Mountain National Forest and Kearsarge North, South Doublehead and Black Mountain silhouettes directly. To the east, in the foreground, is the Wild River Valley, while a series of small round mountains formed during the last glacial period appear outside this region, along the New Hampshire-Maine State Line. Clear days enable the Atlantic Ocean, 90 miles away, to be a glimpse.

The Appalachian Corridor crosses the presidential term, Mount Washington, and the Great Wilderness of the West. The Mahosuk chain and the cities of Berlin and Gorham are in the north, and Jackson, Bartlett, and arches in the south.

The four-person Wildcat Mountain Zip Rider, which is suspended from a 70-foot cable above the ground, is 2,100 feet high on trails, tree trees and the Peabody River at a rate of 12 percent and at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, an experience he describes as a “cable ride”. High-speed with a sudden drop. "

Hiking on the Wildcat Trail offers views, across a branch opposite Thompson Falls. Fishing on the Peabody River can be enjoyed.

Packages include features such as gondola rides, lunch at the Mountainside Café, golf disc, and accommodation at Attitash Grand Summit Hotel.

To the south on Route 16 is the Appalachian Mountain Club. Founded in Boston by Edward Pickering and 33 outdoor enthusiasts with the specific purpose of "promoting (protecting), enjoying and understanding the mountains, forests, water and paths of the Appalachian region," the hiking trail at Tuckerman Raven in 1879 and currently retains over 1,500 miles Of them, along with the cottages and lodges, within a 12-chapter system runs from Maine to Washington, DC, with 450 seasonal and full-time employees and 16,000 volunteers, with 100,000 members.

Located at the base of Mount Washington on the east side, the New Hampshire chapter has been a center for hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding since the 1920s. Today, it retains Joe Dodge Lodge, a cafeteria, a gift shop and eight mountain huts. .

The Pnkham Notch Visitor Center is located here.

Story Land, another family-run theme park "where fairy tales set off", is located south, a quarter of a mile from the intersection of Route 16 and 302 in Glen.

Children offer a buffet of activities and activities, including antique cars, Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, chewing car trains, Dr. Geysir, Rafs Ride Ride, Polar Coaster, Bamboo Chutes, Whirling Whale Ride, Crab Crawl, Oceans of Fun, Turtle Twist, Splash Battle, Cinderella & Castle.

His entertainment, as evidenced by his colorful titles, is equally geared towards young people: Duke's dance party, Funsation celebration, short storytelling, Fairy Tale Fiasco, Royal Hanneford Circus, and Farm Follies Show.

يمكن شراء المشروبات والوجبات الخفيفة والوجبات في أماكن متعددة ، بما في ذلك Food Fair و Pixie Kitchen و Sunny Day Farmstand.

تعتبر بلدة نورث كونواي ، الواقعة جنوبًا على الطريق 16 (المعروف أيضًا باسم طريق الجبل الأبيض السريع) ، أهم قاعدة سياحية في المنطقة.

قام بتأجيره العقيد حاكم بنينغ وينتورث في عام 1765 ، ويعود الفضل في صعوده إلى الجغرافيا والطبوغرافيا والوصول إلى وسائل النقل. سميت على اسم هنري سيمور كونواي ، وهو مسؤول برلماني لمدة 20 عامًا منتخبًا ، وقد اتخذ هذا الاسم حرفيًا في شكل مزارع منتشرة ، مثل العديد من قرى نيو إنجلاند الأخرى ، بعد الثورة الأمريكية.

مرتبط بالعالم الخارجي في عام 1872 عندما وضعت خطوط بورتسموث وجريت فولز وكونواي رايلواي مساراتها ، واستضافت عددًا متزايدًا من السياح الذين انجذبت إلى المنطقة للرياضات الشتوية ومناظر الجبال ، والتي تم التقاطها بشكل متكرر باللون الأبيض لوحات الفن الجبلية.

لذا ، عرف عن نفسه بالأنشطة التي عززها طبوغرافيا ، وأصبح يُعرف باسم "مهد التزلج" في عام 1832 ، وأودع السكك الحديدية ما يصل إلى 5000 راكب في المدينة في عطلات نهاية الأسبوع عن طريق "قطارات الثلج".

واليوم ، على الرغم من حجمها الصغير ، فإنها تقدم عددًا من الخدمات والمرافق المرتبطة عادةً ببلدة تضاعف حجمها. تختلف أماكن الإقامة ، على سبيل المثال ، من النُزل التاريخية (مثل Stonehurst Manor and Inn ، و 1785 Inn ، و Eastern Slope Inn) إلى سلاسل مألوفة (مثل Holiday Inn Express و Marriott Inn Residence). تدير المطاعم المناورة من الوجبات السريعة إلى مطعم Bavarian Chocolate Haus ومطعم إيطالي أصلي وغرف لتناول الطعام في النزل التاريخية نفسها. المحلات التجارية متعددة الأوجه – من متاجر الهدايا المتنوعة إلى متاجر الكتب ، المستوطنين & # 39؛ قرية جرين أوتليت ، ومركز نورث كونواي التجاري. تشمل عروض المدينة الأخرى معارض فنية ومركزًا اجتماعيًا مع عروض حية ومركز Weather Discovery ومتحف سكة حديد نموذجي ومحطة سكة حديد تاريخية.

من هذه المحطة ، يمكن للزائرين العودة للركوب خلف المنطقة الحديدية الغنية.

كانت محطة سكة حديد North Conway ذات المناظر الطبيعية الخلابة ، التي كانت في السابق رابط مواصلات إلى بقية البلاد وحالياً واحدة معمارية إلى الماضي ، هي نواة المدينة ومركز المواطنين حياة ، الوصول إليها محليا بواسطة عربات تجرها الخيول والعربات. تم تشييده في عام 1874 لبورتسموث و Great Falls و Conway وصممه Nathaniel J. Bradlee ، وهو مهندس معماري في بوسطن يتمتع بسمعة سيئة للغاية ، وكان الغرض منه خدمة مجتمع المنتجعات المتنامي.

يضم المستودع المهيب ذو البرجين ، الذي يمثل عظمته عظمة المحطات المعتادة آنذاك ، ساعة E. Howard عمرها 136 عامًا ومثبتة بالعلب والنحاس والحديد ، والتي تبدو جاهلة بتعليق نظام التعليق وتستمر في الاجتياح يديه 360 درجة ، 365 يوما من السنة.

يعكس تصميمها الداخلي ، المحاط على جانبي السلالم الخشبية المتعرجة للوصول إلى الأبراج ، العصر الذهبي مع مكتب التذاكر والتلغراف الأصلي ، مكتمل بالأدوات القديمة ومنطقة انتظار / متحف لركاب الركاب (كانت في السابق غرفة انتظار النساء) ) ، ومتجر Brass Whistle Gift Shop (غرفة انتظار الرجال السابقة) ، ومنطقة تخزين (ثم غرفة الأمتعة). إنه دليل على ماضي السكك الحديدية في المدينة وهو أحد البلدات القليلة المتبقية والمستودعات الأصلية.

يصل القرص الدوار الذي يبلغ طوله 85 قدمًا والمُحرك بالهواء المضغوط ، إلى تمكين القاطرة إما لمحاذاة الجنزير أو التوجيه المتبادل بزاوية 180 درجة ، من الوصول إلى المائدة المستديرة الأربعة التي تسهل حفرها الفرعية المسار الصيانة والإصلاح والخدمة. غالبًا ما يقبع العاملون خارج المدينة في سيارة الأمتعة ذات العجلات الأقل بجوارها.

جنبا إلى جنب مع المستودع والمبنى المستدير مع القرص الدوار الخاص به ، تم إنشاء Freight House ، التي شُيدت في سبعينيات القرن التاسع عشر كنقطة معالجة لوثائق الشحن التي تم فحصها بواسطة draymen ، في السجل الوطني للأماكن التاريخية. ويضم في الوقت الحالي نادي نورث كونواي للسكك الحديدية.

يتكون أسطول Conway Scenic للسكك الحديدية من 13 قاطرة تعمل بالبخار والديزل ، وأكثر من 40 سيارة وحافلة ، وسبعة سيارات مملوكة ملكية خاصة ، وثلاثة فلنشات مملوكة للقطاع الخاص.

يوفر العديد من القطارات السياحية خلال فصل الصيف. "قطارات الوادي" ، على سبيل المثال ، تعمل إما ذهابًا وإيابًا لمدة ساعة أو 11 ميلًا إلى كونواي أو العودة لمدة ساعة أو 45 دقيقة أو 21 ميلًا إلى بارتليت ، بينما تخترق "قطارات الشق" كراوفورد نوتش وتصنع رحلة 50 ميلا ، وخمسة ونصف ساعة إلى كراوفورد ديبوت ومحطة فابيان. تستخدم هذه الخدمات قوة دافعة تعمل بالبخار أو الديزل ، ويمكن للمسافرين حجز أماكن إقامة للمدربين أو الدرجة الأولى أو القبة مع وجبات من ثلاث مراحل.

نظرًا لكونه يليق ببلدة تخدم عشاق الرياضات الشتوية ، فإنه يتميز بمنتجع للتزلج ، ماونت كرانمور ، في الفناء الخلفي للغاية ، على بعد ميل واحد فقط من شريان الطريق 16 الذي يقطعها.

يرتبط منذ فترة طويلة بنظام فريد من نوعه للارتقاء بالجبال ، وقد تضمن أسطولًا مكونًا من 192 قطعة معدنية وسكاكيت بعجلات مطاطية وسحب الكابلات التي صعدت إلى جبل كرانمور على منصة خشبية ثنائية القسم. صممه جورج مورتون ، من بارتليت ، نيو هامبشاير ، وقد نقل السماء وزيارة المعالم السياحية على حد سواء ، وكان أقدم نظام تشغيل التزلج في أمريكا الشمالية عندما توقفت عن العمل في عام 1989 بعد 51 عاما من الخدمة المستمرة.

اليوم ، يتميز جبل كرانمور بعشرة مصاعد. 13 تجربة مبتدئين و 25 تجربة متوسطة و 16 تجربة ؛ و 1200 قدم قطرات عمودية. تشمل مناطق الجذب لغير التزلج منطقة Adventure Zone داخلية في Base Lodge. أرجوحة عملاقة. كوستر جبل بطول 3700 قدم ؛ حدائق التضاريس؛ دورة الحبال. ترامبولين بنجي من أربع محطات ؛ جولات Segway الجبلية. zipline تنازلي ، طوله 700 قدم ، لشخص مزدوج ؛ وركوب الخيل chairlift ذات المناظر الخلابة.

African travel tips when visiting Mozambique

Mozambique is mainly known for its beaches and shrimp, and Mozambique also offers visitors world heritage sites, colonial architecture and colorful local culture. The bustling markets sell exquisite sculptures and pots with wood and ivory sculptures of Macondi, recognized as one of the most sophisticated forms of art in Africa.

Mozambique also produced talented painters such as Malangatana, and rural murals decorate many walls, especially in Maputo. Traditional music in the form of Marrabenta music as well as the Marimba and calabash orchestra. In keeping with the rhythm of Africa, Nhao's dances and mapico embarking can be a scary sight. Popular activities for travelers include diving, snorkeling, bird watching and fishing in Marlin, catfish or catfish.




Sub-tropical despite drought and low rainfall is common. The rainy season is October to April and the dry season is April to September.


1 Mozambique metallic = 100 cents. Checks are recommended for USD or GBP. Change funds in accredited institutions. Credit cards are not widely accepted. A large number of traders prefer the USD. Import and export of local currency is prohibited.


220V, 50Hz. Plugs are 2 and 3 round pin.

the health:

Yellow fever vaccination is required from travelers over the age of one year from infected areas. Visitors are advised to take pre-arrival precautions against malaria (year-round risk throughout the country), hepatitis A, polio, typhoid and meningitis depending on the area visited and time of year. Other health concerns are primary medical facilities, unavailable medications, cholera (strictly maintaining food and water health) and influenza (risks extend throughout the year).


The official language is Portuguese, but Japanese and Macawa are also spoken. English is not widely spoken but can be understood.

Public Holidays:

New Years 'Day (1 January); Heroes' Day (3 February); Women's Day (7 April); Labor Day (1 May); Independence Day (25 June); Victory Day (7 September) ; Armed Forces Day (25 September); Lost Day (2 November); Christmas Day (25 December); Boxing Day (26 December)

the shopping:

Baskets. Reed mats. Wooden carvings; masks; Printed cloth Leather goods Prawns; wine.

Social traditions:

Religion is mainly Roman Catholic, but other beliefs include Islamic, Hindu and traditional beliefs. Shaking hands is the usual form of greeting. Portuguese customs apply, for example, methods (Senhor / Senhora). The dress is informal and formal dress is rarely required. Safari suits for businessmen are acceptable in hot weather, while lightweight suits are recommended for the rest of the year.

Time difference:

GMT +2


Ten percent of the usual, but frustrating in hotels. Taxi drivers expect 10 percent.

Top ten attractive description:


The capital has extensive roads lined with red acacia and flowering jacaranda trees. It offers many historic, cultural and scenic sites such as the Cathedral; City Council Rooms; Tandoro Gardens Train Station; Castle Museum and Natural History; Beaches include Praia da Macaneta. Punta do Ouro and Punta Malongan.


224 km from Maputo; the nearby beach is a popular tourist destination where huge coral reefs protect the beaches from strong waves in high tides; In the area, you can also visit Praia do Chongoene, Bilene and Banhine National Park, with its rich diversity of wildlife.

Mozambique Island:

Around two-thirds of the island's World Heritage Site has been declared by UNESCO because of the buildings being built from coral; important places include the Palace of St. Paul, the Museum of Sacred Art and Fort of Sebastian; the nearby beaches are Praia de Fernão Veloso and Praia das Chocas; The main, in the city of Nampula, see the cathedral and museum.


The second country town, Pera spread along the coast. See Largo do Municipio, Casa Portugal, Casa Infante de Sagres, Casa dos Bicos and Cathedral; the best beaches are found between Clube Nautico and the lighthouse. Nearby 'Six Miles' is an indoor resort with an artificial lake with islands where you can swim or rent pedal boats; view the game in the county in the famous Gorongosa National Park and the Buffalo Maromo Reserve.


The archipelago is a very popular tourist area consisting of the Bazaruto, Benguera, Magaroc and Santa Carolina islands off the mainland with high-quality hotels;


The city is characterized by its unspoilt natural beauty. Visit the Old Town, where you can visit many traditional markets and the beaches of Praia do Wimbe and Praia do Farol; nearby Ibo Island is part of the ideal Quirimbas archipelago.

Lake Niassa & Niassa Reserve:

Niassa County offers stunning views and landscapes. The Lake Niassa can be reached in only 4 × 4 and gives you a "real Africa" ​​experience, with fishing villages where you can buy fresh fish and coconut milk;

Inhaca Island:

34 km from Maputo in the bay, accessible by boat or aircraft; tours can be made in Ponta de Santa Maria and the Portuguese island.

Maputo Elephant Reserve:

79 km south of Maputo, the reserve is famous for elephant herds. Flamingos can also be seen on large inland lakes near the sea.

Old man's face:

In the city of Chimoio, 'Cabeça do Velho' is an amazing natural stone formation resembling the face of an old man.

Harbison State Forest

Harbison State Forest is a unique public green space within the boundaries of Columbia, South Carolina. Located just nine miles north of the city center, the 2,200-acre forest area is located along the scenic Broad River. The forest is the largest urban green space in the southeast and offers opportunities for environmental entertainment and education. Harbison State Forest is a quiet and peaceful area where visitors can lose the fact that they are in the midst of a growing urban area.

The forest is a combination of pine trees, short leaf and long leaves plus a variety of hardwoods along the river basin. The terrain ranges from hills and deception to the bottom along the Brod River. More than 18 miles of roads and trails have been dedicated to hiking, jogging, hiking and mountain biking. Trails range from easy to hard. Cycling is allowed only in designated lanes, and permits are required. Discovery Trail and Learning Trail contain natural exhibits that promote responsible land management. There are outdoor classes along these trails too. Cooked Pine Trail is a fairly difficult passage that leads to a seasonal or seasonal pond. Stewardship Trail leads hikers to the Broad River. Mountain biking is allowed in Firebreak Trail, Midlands Mountain Multiple Use Trail, Lost Creek Trail and Spider Woman II Trail. It is among the longest paths in the park and has the toughest terrain, with some steep climbing and rocky areas that can be traversed.

Landing on the Broad River provides access to canoes and canoes. This part of the river has quiet water with almost no slopes. It's a popular section for rowing, canoes, canoes. River users must submit a basic floatation plan at the education center.

The Harbison Environmental Learning Center is used for educational programs related to forest ecosystems. Visitors can see the exhibits and performances in the building. A variety of workshops, conferences and teacher training days are held throughout the year. Outside the Learning Center, visitors may see a fire tower and a work shop. Other facilities at Harbison State Forest include large picnic shelters, bathrooms and playgrounds.

Harbison State Forest is located at 5500 Broad River Road. It is easily accessible from I-26 on Harbison Road. Daily parking costs $ 5 per vehicle and is paid in the on-site fee boxes in the car park.

Fort Jesus – Coastal Tourism Committee

The Fortress of Jesus, known as Mombasa's most popular charm, is the best preserved piece of history in the country. Built in 1593 by the Portuguese, this fortress withstood the test of time, wind and water.

Esoteric background

The fort was designed by an Italian named Joao Batista and was curved out of a coral ridge at the entrance to the coastal area. This rock secured the Portuguese during the battles especially between 1696 and 1698 war. It was built at the observation point with the visibility of the next highly visible water vessels and almost the entire coastline in sight. The castle got its name from the figure. From an aerial point of view, the castle looks like a man and was built to save and protect people, hence the name of Jesus.

Perhaps most surprising about this fort is that it was lost after winning a total of nine times between 1631 and 1875. It was eventually converted from a castle to a prison by the British who colonized Kenya.

In 2011, the fort was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site although it underwent several changes from its original design and shape.

Fort Jesus as a tourist destination

Located along the famous Mombasa Beach, where tourists flock each year for climate change, Fort Jesus has established itself as a must-see destination for both entertainment and education purposes.

Just seeing the fort on the edge of the beach and sea is enough to make tourists ask all sorts of questions about its origin. The beautiful architecture used by its construction is unmatched even in this modern age and just the dexterity used in its exquisite construction.

Inside the fort in the form of a small free-standing city. Before turning it into a prison and removing the huts inside the fort, the fort was built to save people and then need a constant source of water and food. The rough-looking fort is carefully designed to ward off any enemies, in fact, quite different from the family design used inside. On the other hand, after the British took over, they created prison cells and dungeons that stand so far. These prisons are a constant reminder of the slave trade because this is where slaves have been waiting to be sold.

After independence, the Kenyan government took over the fort and even built a museum within its walls to preserve most of the artifacts and historical artifacts that helped shape the history of this great nation.

The castle is now more than a castle, a symbol of history (a majestic one in it), a museum, an educational base and the largest tourist attraction in the coastal area of ​​Mombasa.

SC Gamecocks Start the 2012 football season with the top 10 rankings

The University of South Carolina started the 2012 football season with a score of 10. Gamecocks started to set a record for the 11th winning season in 2011. Gamecocks ranked ninth in the pre-season surveys, winning the season by beating rival Southandern Conference. Marcus Latemore of South Carolina scored two running ground spaces and rushed 110 yards to lead the Gimmecox team to a victory over Commodores in Nashville 17-13. This was the 13th year in a row that South Carolina won the opening season.

Gamecocks will host East Carolina in the home opener on September 8. It will be the first of three home games in Colombia. East Carolina, an opponent from outside the conference, will win a decisive 35-13 win over Appalachian in the opening game of the season. South Carolina will play a game other than conferences on September 15 against the University of Alabama Birmingham. The Gamecocks are also at home on September 22 in their first conference match against Missouri. The Tigers is one of two new SEC schools in 2012. This game coincides with Parents Weekend.

The fifth week of the season will find Gamecocks games in Kentucky on September 29 in Lexington. The Wildcats are another SEC competitor. South Carolina will face No. 7 Bulldog Georgia in Colombia on October 6. Gemcox beat Georgia 45-42 last season in one of only two defeats in the regular season of the Bulldogs. Weeks 7 and 8 SEC games will be tough for South Carolina. Gamecocks is scheduled to play LSU on October 13 and Florida on October 20. Preseason LSU polls ranked third and Florida ranked 24th. South Carolina will host its rival Tennessee for conferences on October 27. last year. South Carolina is idle on November 3.

Homecoming is scheduled for November 10 against Arkansas. The annual repatriation parade will take place on Friday, November 9, at 3 pm. Homecoming events will include spiritual activities and alumni reunification. The last game at home will be November 17th versus Word College. The last game of the regular season will be scheduled for November 24 in Clemson.

The Williams-Brice Stadium, with over 80,000 fans, is located at 1125 George Rogers Blvd. The new Gamecocks parking facility will be located at 1001 Bluff Rd. , Available for 2012 games. Overflow of parking spaces is available at Capital City Stadium Parking Garage at 301 S. Assembly St. Tickets for individual games range from $ 30 for Wofford to $ 70 for Georgia.

Myrtle Beach here we come

When our family plans a trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, it's like the night before Christmas across the house. Usually we start packing like the former football team in Baltimore, Colts. Under the dark cover, we load the car with fishing gear, coolers, luggage, some snacks, and some lemon juice.

Although it is only a 7-hour drive from the Baltimore-Washington area, we usually do it in about 10 hours. First, we have to pass the mixing bowl in Springfield, VA which seems to take forever. Then there are the shops where my beautiful wife simply has to stop to reload her collection of every shoe known to the woman. We also have our favorite places to eat, and of course no trip is complete without stopping the fireworks. Our son will need fireworks from at least two different vendors along the I-95 South. Not the kind that sits on the floor, it ends up like a book of games, but things that fly to the sky, light up our summer nights like the Space Shuttle of Cape Canaveral.

I am ready to afford shopping for shoes and fireworks, and another 16 stations make up a 10-hour trip because by the end of the days we will finally reach one of my most favorite holiday venues on the entire East Coast, and an amazing Myrtle Beach.

The best way to start a day on Myrtle Beach is a sunrise stroll along the Atlantic coast. Myrtle Beach is divided into two areas, North Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach, and there is plenty of adventure on both sides.

Did you say the south side? Well, the south side is the older side of Myrtle Beach, but a new development is always happening. The Pavilion Theme Park was one of the biggest attractions on the south side celebrated last season in 2006, but not all was lost. Some famous games and antiques have become part of The Pavilion Nostalgia Park. Nostalgia Park is located in Broadway at the Beach, which opened in spring 2007.

Herschell-Spillman Carousel, Tea Cup Kiddy Ride and Caterpillar Ride are all alive in the new Nostalgia Park.

If you need more adventure, try Family Kingdom Water Park.

Located at 300 South Ocean Blvd. The family kingdom also has an amusement park. Stop at the ice cream shop and pick up a scoop or two like the locals, or check out South Carolina's largest garage sale from 7 am to 12 pm on September 15, 2007. It will be held at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion Parking.

Three levels of shear bargains. Go early to catch the best deals. You'll find everything you need for the beach including sunglasses, hats and sun. You'll even find things like luggage, handbags, dollar items and things for the house.

For shopping at the mall, check out The Coastal Grand. This mall opened in March 2004. This is the newest mall in Myrtle Beach. They have a wonderful dining hall with lots of entertainment. There's nothing like shopping in a mall, you can live there almost if you like shopping as much as we like.

Looking for accommodation with ocean views? Just take in this unusual resort hotel.

Crown Reef Resort Myrtle is home to the Par 3 Golf Course on one side and Whispering Pines Golf Course on the other. Crown Reef Resort Myrtle will simply take your breath away. This enormous resort features a 125-foot ocean-front swimming pool and clear blue waters that encourage you to dive. This charming property is almost charming at night, illuminating magnificent purple lighting in the southern night sky.

If you're looking to invest in a timeshare, just walk across the street to South Beach Resorts owned by a ProZ & Chapin developer in South Carolina. This is one of the latest developments on the south side. Burroughs & Chapin also owns The Crown Reef Resort Myrtle. I have already seen plans for further expansion which will include beachfront apartments next to the Crown Reef Myrtle Hotel. These developments make the southern end of Ocean Blvd. The place to be when on holiday.

There are great dining options around the south side or just outside your door.

Keep in mind that the hotel is second to last from the hotel on the left. It is a wonderful sight overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. To experience this kind of luxury just visit [http://www.affordabletravelagents.com] and all your stressors will disappear in the board with just one click.

North Myrtle Beach is full of some of the best dining options you'll find in the state. There are many Calabash seafood restaurants serving fresh seafood that you will find anywhere. Succulent crab legs, jumbo shrimp, butter and garlic mussels, steamed oysters, oysters on half-shell, jumped from your dish with flavored flavor. While dancing your taste buds to delicious melodies, you'll enjoy a sense of satisfaction because every passion for seafood turns off.
You can now burn some calories and wander around the many local attractions like the Ripley Aquarium where you will see sharks swimming near you so you can calculate the rows of teeth in their mouths. Check out some antique stores. You will even find some nice deals at pawn shops in Myrtle Beach. You'll find them organized and professionally managed.

Along the Grand Strand you will find the best quality hotels, restaurants and golf courses. Wait a minute. I didn't even mention 60 miles of warm white sandy beaches. How could I forget that? I'm not one to swim in the ocean, but I couldn't resist going into the great Atlantic Ocean in Myrtle Beach. To get this, or experience the best of South Carolina's finest resort cities, allow your fingers to click on [http://www.affordabletravelagents.com] for hotels, event tickets and car rentals. There is so much to choose from, you won't be able to do everything in one trip. So visit Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for more fun than you have been doing for a long time.